Baader MaxBright II Binoviewer with Case
Baader MaxBright II Binoviewer with CaseBaader MaxBright II Binoviewer with CaseBaader MaxBright II Binoviewer with CaseBaader MaxBright II Binoviewer with Case

Baader MaxBright II Binoviewer with Case

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Model:  baader-2456460
Part Number:  2456460

Baader's MaxBright II Binoviewer incorporates knowledge acquired from over thirty years building astronomical binoviewers.

The eyes look, but the brain sees. Indeed a third of our brain is devoted to processing visual scenes and we have evolved to use both eyes. If our brain is able to process information from both eyes, we see more. (Interestingly, after noticing something through a binoviewer, we can then see the same through a single eyepiece...  Isn't nature wonderful). 


  • The 26 mm clear aperture on the telescope side and 25. 5mm on the eyepiece side fully illuminates most long focal length eyepiece (including Baader's 35mm Eudiascopic) without vignetting.The housing with large 27mm prisms is made with Baader's own custom die casting moulds, using Carl Zeiss production drawings.
  • The non-slip leather finish provides extra grip when holding the binoviewer with heavy eyepieces in your hand.
  • All optical surfaces of the Maxbright® II feature a 7-layer multi-coating.
  • The prism chairs (mounts) are constructed like those in the Mark Baader V Großfeld (Giant) Binocular (#2456410). 
  • Ergonomically designed Baader ClickLock eyepiece clamps with diopter adjustment
  • Baader Astro T-2 System connector thread (M 42 x 0.75) and Zeiss micro-bayonet for the shortest possible connection to (almost) all existing telescope systems
  • Short optical tube length of 110 mm (+/- 1 mm tolerance)
  • Low weight: 595g (200g lighter than Mark V model)

Baader Maxbright II Binoviewer User Manual pdf

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read to save you money
23 January 2024  | 

Ok, this may be a long review, but It has the potential to save you some money if you read on.

I recently bought the Baader Maxbright II, to use with my ( Dobsonian 1200mm focal f4) but I couldn't reach focus as this is to be expected with the nature of Newtonian telescopes.
I ended up returning it because the Glasspath 1.7X that is used to bring the bino's into focus (bought separately) has been discontinued to my knowledge.

I then looked into a completely different system, the Binotron 27 from Denkmire. made in the USA and with excellent customer service, it's a little bit more expensive than the Badder but can reach focus with ALL telescopes once you have invested into that system.

for your information, you must look at binoviewers as a system ( package) as a whole for them to work correctly.
so with that in mind, once you have invested in a Baader or Denkmire, you're pretty much pair on pair with how much you have spent.

so why did I end up repurchasing the Baader Maxbrighgt II you may ask?
it came down to two reasons and thirdly a personal reason:

First, the Baader Maxbright II - as of my extensive research has shown me - is much brighter than the Denkmire, even people with a much cheaper binoviewer from Whilliam Optics, were reporting that even those were brighter than the Denkmire's. The Baader is even better. Although the Denk's provide the most field of view out of all of them but at the cost of a dimmer image.

Secondly, Baader's engineering of the eyepiece section is second to none. Its engineering is the BEST that allows you to change eyepieces very easily without faffing about. Even with Gloves on in the cold dark winter nights!
Some would argue that the Denk's have a built-in power adaptor that gives you 3 different powers just by switching it. That is true, but those powers are dramatically influenced by different types of telescopes. for me, I'd rather change the eyepieces and get a broader amount of power. The more eyepieces you have the more options you have.

Finally ( thirdly), I recently bought an Evolution SCT 8 edge HD. The Baader Maxbright II works out of the box providing you have the correct ring adaptors- which First Light Optics can be of great help in guiding you to buying the correct ones- with no focus issues at all. f
For now, I only intend on using them with my SCT telescope. I hope down the line in the future, I find a used Glasspath 1.7x adaptor to be able to use with my Dobsonian telescope.

Note: a) SCT telescopes by nature are much dimmer than Newtonians, therefor it's even more crucial to have Binoviewers that are brighter.
b) you can use a 2x Barlow lens and a 1.25-inch nose piece on the Baader Maxbright II to reach focus in a Dobsonian telescope like mine, but I wouldn't recommend it as it would be too zoomed in. The Glasspath adaptor corrects the light without adding zoom and without dimming the image, but as I had previously said, they have unfortunately been discontinued. I don't know why It's up for sale on this website and many other websites.
c) The Baader maxbright II cannot be collimated by you. Unlike the Denkmire which can be readjusted and collimated if you happen to bump them, the Baader's will require you sending them into the workshop ( most likely Germany), and that will come with additional hidden fees that you may not have anticipated on. Personally, I've taken the bet with the Baaders as I know First Light Optics honors their return guarantee if anything is faulty from the factory.

To conclude: I'm extremely happy with my purchase of the Baader Maxbright II from First Light Optics.

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Great product
16 January 2024  | 

As someone new to binoviewing, I'm pleasantly surprised by how intuitive the Baader BW is. The eye placement feels easy and natural. The Baader T2 system with the 32mm diagonal, a 2-inch nosepiece, and a 1.7x gas path corrector allows me to achieve focus in my 3-inch refractor, creating a very secure connection. The views through the binoviewer are sharp, clear, and immersive. While I anticipated some loss of brightness with my 3-inch telescope, I haven't noticed any significant reduction. I've been using it for observing planets, the moon, brighter deep-sky objects, and just general looking around the sky.

The binoviewer and its accompanying accessories are very well-made, and all the details are carefully thought through. You can tell that a lot of thought and care went into designing and manufacturing this product.

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Brilliant Binoviewer
12 January 2024  | 

The Baader Maxbright binoviewer is worth every penny, it gives us a new aspect to Astronomy viewing, the view is fantastic when looking at planets, viewing Jupiter was like seeing it for the first time, it looks like it is in 3D, it looks round rather than a flat disc and the moons stand out more too. The moon looks amazing even when full as there is more contrast and the 3D effect enhances the craters and mountains, double stars and star clusters are also excellent, bright galaxies and nebula are good. Dimmer deep sky objects aren't so good as the light is split in half but it's not 50% dimmer as our brain is programmed for using both eyes and compensates for it and gives a depth of field which is why you get a 3D effect. Not everyone can use a binoviewer some people can't combine the two images in there brain so i would recommend trying a binoviewer before buying one and of course there's the extra expense of having to buy more eyepieces as you need two of the exact same size for the binoviewer to work. I am very pleased with the service i have received from FLO, delivery only took two days.

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baader maxbright 11 binovieeer
09 July 2020  | 

First class. Improved my views through my 120 mm Williams refractor immensely.


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