Adjusting Skywatcher Equinox focuser tension

1 Comment1 July 2013  |  Steve

All good Crayford focusers (at least those expected to carry any weight) have tension adjustment screws. It is just a matter of locating and applying them. 

The focusers fitted to Skywatcher Equinox telescopes are a good example. Tension is adjusted via a single central hex screw using a 2.5mm hex key. Simply run the focuser in-out while gently turning the key clockwise, it only needs a fraction of a turn. 

A heavy setup like a DSLR camera or CCD camera with filter wheel will require stiffer focuser tension than a regular diagonal and eyepiece.

A little experimentation will soon find the optimum setting. 

Hope that helps :-)



Paul Schembri
10 September 2018  |  18:41

I bought an auto focuser for my Sky-Watcher StarTraveller 102/500, Can't connent the focuser with the focusing spindle of my telescope. Please help.