Welcome to our new website!

6 May 2011  |  Admin

Last year we announced on Stargazerslounge that we were working on a new website so would be grateful for suggestions and criticism. We received plenty of both!

This is the new website, we hope it meets with your approval smiley

People liked the the look and feel of our previous website so we have retained that while adding the most frequently requested features. The most popular requests were for clearly displayed stock availability and postage charges. They have been included but will not be visible immediately. James is currently working on categories and parameters for every stock item and he and Lisa are carrying out a stock-take (they get all the fun jobs!). The results will be fed into the site then the functions switched on, probably later this week.

Other popular requests included Gift Vouchers, the ability to review products, Wish Lists, an automated address lookup system based on postcode and the ability to easily check an order's progress. They have all been implemented. Please feel free to kick the tyres and poke around, if you have feedback or suggestions we will be pleased to hear them.

And of course we now have this rather nifty 'News' section. We shall update it regularly so please bookmark us and watch this space.

Thank-you for your support, 

Steve, Annette, James, Lisa & Martin.