Our pricing policy

27 February 2012  |  Admin

We are often asked to price-match or to offer discount so we thought it might help if we let everyone know where we stand with regards to pricing.

All our stock is sourced either direct from the manufacturer or from the manufacturer's appointed UK distributor (we do not grey import) so is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We only stock products that are trustworthy (we can source pretty-much anything but stock only that which we are confident will perform well, batch-to-batch, consistently).

Our prices are fair, reasonable and competitive. We don't advertise 'spoilers' (some retailers advertise a lower price when out of stock then raise it when in stock with the intention of 'spoiling' sales for competitors offering a price-match policy). We don't offer 'free' low quality products with inflated retail prices. We don't inflate the prices of goods sourced from the US (we have done more to end this practice than any other astro retailer, and continue to do so). And we don't switch-sell (some retailers have what is essentially a sales funnel where enquiries for one product are converted into another that is exclusive to them and/or is more profitable).

Most importantly, we are not box-shifters. We have invested in premises, knowledgeable staff, stock on the shelves, modern website, SSL security encryption, customer-friendly returns policy, etc. Our after-sales support is the best in the business (some competitors have actually complained that we set the bar too high!). We are setup and operate in a way intended to instil trust and confidence because astronomy products are essentially scientific instruments, not plug-and-play devices, so access to reliable advice and support is essential. Particularly when starting out.

All this comes at a cost so when faced with someone quibbling over a few £ on an order worth several £100 we will probably politely suggest they shop elsewhere. Box-shifters might battle for every sale but we care for our reputation and plan for the future. We look for customers who recognise and value what we do rather than those concerned only with price.

If we decline to offer discount please don't be offended.

Thank-you for your support, 

Steve and the FLO team smiley