New Baader MPCC Mark III Coma Corrector

20 December 2012  |  Steve

We have received details of Baader's long awaited Mark-III replacement for the highly regarded Baader MPCC Coma Corrector. The most noticeable change is a newly designed lens system optimised for f-ratios f3.5 to f6 (the original MPCC was designed for an f/ratio of f4 to f6).


Features include

  • No change in focal length or field size
  • Unvignetted field down to f3.5
  • accepts T-2 (M42x0.75) and/or 2" (M48x0.75) threaded photographic or visual adapters
  • 2" stopping collar removable for increase in backfocus
  • Phantom Group lens coatings for maximum light transmission and freedom from reflections from UV to NIR
  • Optional adapter for direct coupling of the MPCC III directly to the Baader CANON EOS protective T-ring
  • 44mm clear aperture when using the M48 (2") filter-tread or the Protective T-ring with optional adapter

Baader Mark-III MPCC Coma Corrector 

Baader Mark-III Coma Corrector pdf