NEW Celestron CGEM-II Mount

21 September 2016  |  Steve

Celestron mounts are like buses, you wait for ages then two arrive! laugh

Yesterday, Celestron released details of two new mounts, the Celestron CGX mount and an updated version of thier CGEM mount... The Celestron CGEM II. 

The CGEM II's new features include a dual-saddle, graduated markings on the tripod legs, USB 2.0 connection on the hand controller for PC connection, Permanent Periodic Error Correction, dedicated auto guider port and the ability to track past the meridian. 

Clearly the more expensive all-new Celestron CGX mount will attract most attention but we are especially pleased to see this updated CGEM-II. The original CGEM was well designed and well engineered but it got off to a bumpy start here in the UK because the original firmware (software) could not handle guiding errors due to cogging, which was very frustrating. Celestron identified the problem and fixed it with a firmware update but the damage to the CGEM's reputation was already done. 

This new improved model will, we are confident, enable this remarkably good mount to reach it's full potential. 

For more information please see our Celestron CGEM-II mount page. 


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