NEW Skywatcher Allview multi-function computerised mount.

1 Comment13 September 2012  |  Admin

The new Skywatcher Allview is an innovative (winner of the prestigious International CES Innovations award for design and engineering excellence) and highly versatile computerised mount & tripod that serves a number of imaging and observational needs including GOTO astronomy, 360° panoramic or still time-lapse photography, video capture or simply a stable motorised platform for a spotting scope or binocular. 

The Allview is also a useful tool for security and surveillance applications. 



Dave Jones
04 November 2012  |  22:37

Just so you know, this is a cracking bit of kit.
First day of usage with a Canon 350D strapped to the top gave me these results.


One heck of a mount for the DSLR, and looking at the mount close up it would easily take my PST that currently is used on my Celestron SE mount (larger of the 2 mounts) should the SE mount ever die from some nasty astronomical disease, such as clouditis!

oh.. and its a crowd puller, when I had it running at the local astronomy club it was the topic of conversation for the evening.