Skywatcher HEQ5 v HEQ5 Syntrek v HEQ5 PRO

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A quick summary of the differences between the three versions of this popular Skywatcher mount.

(Please note the regular HEQ5 and HEQ5 Syntrek are now discontinued). 

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Skywatcher HEQ5  Features built-in motors, a polarscope and manual handset. Best suited to visual astronomy.

Skywatcher HEQ5 Syntrek  Adds higher quality stepper motors and a new mother-board and ST-4 autoguiding port for astrophotography.

Skywatcher HEQ5 PRO  Same as HEQ5 Syntrek but supplied with a Synscan GOTO handset, not the manual handset.

The regular HEQ5 can be upgraded to full PRO spec using the optional Synscan PRO GOTO Upgrade kit.

If you plug a Synscan GOTO handset into a HEQ5 Syntrek it becomes a HEQ5 PRO.

The Syntrek and PRO models can be controlled from a laptop using a Lynx Astro FTDI EQDIR USB Cable and the popular EQMOD software.

Hope that helps. 

06 February 2014  |  13:12

Very helpful thank you, totally confused buy all the different parts and functions of these mounts.

David Harle
24 May 2014  |  20:43

I am thinking of buying a HEQ5 Pro to mount my 200P Dob OTA onto. Do you sell the rings which will enable me to do this. If so what is the cost