Starlight Xpress SXVR Cameras

11 July 2012  |  Admin

Why are Starlight Xpress SXVR cameras more expensive than budget brands? 

To answer we need to consider the materials and technologies used in the design and manufacture of the cameras.

Here is an overview from Starlight Xpress


Efficient Cooling System

The cooling system is designed for the most efficient cooling possible in a compact package. The CCDs are Peltier cooled, with the extracted heat being removed by air drawn through holes in the cooler plate, and then expelled out the rear of the camera by the fan. The whole body is used as a heatsink for the heat generated during the cooling process.

Fused Silica Window

Unlike less expensive cameras, we fit a specially manufactured fused silica window, with a 7 layer anti- reflective coating to all of our SXVR Cameras. This offers exceptional strength and heat transfer characteristics to ensure there is less chance of dewing of the front window during humid weather.

Unique Tilted Camera Front

This unique feature of the camera design allows the front plate of the camera to be tilted to ensure that the CCD and the focal plane are parallel to each other. This enables the user to adjust for any collimation issues with the optical train to ensure pinpoint stars across the field.


To assist with the excellent cooling design of the camera housing and the unique tilted front design of the cameras, we have introduced a ‘Silver-Impregnated O-Ring’ to not only act as a light seal for the camera but also to allow heat to conduct through the front of the camera to the rest of the optical train, helping to gently warm it, assisting to reduce the formation of condensation.

Rear Camera Panel

The SXVR Camera provides multiple inputs and outputs. The RJ11 Guider Port output is opto-isolated and will drive any standard active-low guider input via the RJ11 'telephone' lead provided. The ‘SXV Autoguider Port’ is an 18 way latching high density connector, which provides both power and control signals for the dedicated external guide camera (not supplied). It also carries two RS232 serial ports for external device control. If the serial ports are not required, the guide camera may be connected directly to this socket, otherwise a small 'port divider' box can be connected in-line and presents the two serial outputs on standard 9 pin 'D' plugs.

HyperStar Perfect

The SXVR range of cameras is perfectly suited to the HyperStar system designed by Starizona. The round and i light-weight body (400g (>1lb)) is smaller than the central obstruction on even the Celestron C6 so none of the aperture of the telescope will be obscured.


So that's Starlight Xpress' summary.

Speaking as a Starlight Xpress authorised retailer we would like to add:


UK-based Manufacture and Service Centre

Unlike budget brands, Starlight Xpress SXVR cameras are designed, manufactured and serviced here in the UK by a small group of capable and enthusiastic people. They are not sourced from China and you won't be fobbed off with second-rate support. That counts for a lot when you are choosing what are essentially complex scientific instruments.


And to finish we have some downloadable PDFs:

Starlight Xpress 2012 Product Brochure 1 

Starlight Xpress 2012 Product Brochure 2


Hope that helps, 

Steve & the FLO team