Updated Atik Capture Software

8 April 2014

An updated version of the Atik capture software is now available to download. Featuring a number of new features requested by customers over the last few months.

Here is the message from Atik:


We have a new version of Capture which has a number of new features that have been requested by customers over the last few months.
It can be downloaded with all the current software here.
Specifically the features are:-

Histogram display
Ability to load previous images to view
Improved hot pixel rejection for the guider

To dither your subs you need to run two copies of capture. In the one which will be doing the guiding when you double-click to select the guide target there is a new field 'Dither' in the dialog that appears, where you can set the max offsets for dithering. Then set to autoguide and put into looping mode as normal.
Fire up the imaging copy of capture, and if you run the sequencer (or loop+autosave) then each time an image is saved it will nudge the guider a bit. You can see the cross-hairs indicating the original and nudged positions. The user sets a suitable delay on the imaging copy so that it waits long enough for the guider to re-lock on to the star.

Please let us have any feedback/bug reports to support@atik-cameras.com