Bob's Knobs Celestron C5 Standard Collimation Knobs

Bob's Knobs Celestron C5 Standard Collimation Knobs

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About this product

Model:  bk_c5_std
Part Number:  C5std

Bob's Knobs are the BEST option for tool-free collimation.

Simple to fit and easy to use.

Collimate your telescope without an Allen key or screwdriver! 

Instructions are supplied but can also be found online as well as useful FAQ.

Images are representative and may not show the exact knob size / threads.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the Bob's knobs threads and factory screw threads match before installation. 

5" SCT f/10 Standard

Part: C5std
Fits: Celestron 5” (13 cm) f/10 SCT (C5, NexStar 5) with black Allen, silver Allen, or silver Phillips factory collimation screws. These screws have standard threads. Will not fit scopes with black Phillips factory collimation screws (see Item B below).

Knobs: Black plastic, 13 mm (1/2”) diameter
Threads: Black Anodised Aluminium alloy


  1. These knobs will fit all C5 models made prior to 2006, and all 2006 and later models EXCEPT those with black Phillips factory collimation screws. The black Phillips screw model requires C5 metric knobs. Check that our screw threads match the factory screw threads before installing.
  2. The factory dust cover will fit normally with Bob’s Knobs installed.
  3. Some telescope versions have a small plastic cover over the factory collimation screws. This cover must be removed and set aside when Bob's Knobs are installed. The cover is cosmetic only and will not affect operation of the scope.

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