Budget Astrophotography Book

Budget Astrophotography Book

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Budget Astrophotography - Imaging with Your DSLR or Webcam

Authors: Jensen, Timothy J.

  • Serves as a low cost "quick-start" reference style handbook for imaging with DSLR cameras and webcams

  • Explains how to get the very best results without going to the expense of buying a dedicated astronomical CCD camera

  • Describes in simple language sophisticated techniques in astrophotographic image calibration, and image processing using standard software 

Here are clear explanations of how to make superb astronomical deep-sky images using only a DSLR or webcam and an astronomical telescope – no expensive dedicated CCD cameras needed!

The book is written for amateur astronomers interested in budget astrophotography – the deep sky, not just the Moon and planets – and for those who want to improve their imaging skills using DSLR and webcams. It is even possible to use existing (non-specialist astronomical) equipment for scientific applications such as high resolution planetary and lunar photography, astrometry, photometry, and spectroscopy. 

The introduction of the CCD revolutionised astrophotography. The availability of this technology to the amateur astronomy community has allowed advanced science and imaging techniques to become available to almost anyone willing to take the time to learn a few, simple techniques. Specialised cooled-chip CCD imagers are capable of superb results in the right hands – but they are all very expensive. If budget is important, the reader is advised on using a standard camera instead. 

Jensen provides techniques useful in acquiring beautiful high-quality images and high level scientific data in one accessible and easy-to-read book. It introduces techniques that will allow the reader to use more economical DSLR cameras – that are of course also used for day-to-day photography – to produce images and data of high quality, without a large cash investment.

About the authors

A Canadian by birth, Tim Jensen received his MSc in Astronomy at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, where he is still employed as a Project Supervisor for Swinburne Astronomy Online (SAO). He is also an avid amateur astronomer.

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