David Chandler Night Sky Planisphere (Large, Plastic)
David Chandler Night Sky Planisphere (Large, Plastic)David Chandler Night Sky Planisphere (Large, Plastic)David Chandler Night Sky Planisphere (Large, Plastic)David Chandler Night Sky Planisphere (Large, Plastic)

David Chandler Night Sky Planisphere (Large, Plastic)

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Model:  chandler_planisphere
Part Number:  LPNS50

Generally regarded as the BEST planisphere!

This sturdy planisphere is a quick and convenient way of seeing which constellations are above the horizon at any specified time and day of the year.

Sky and Telescope magazine adopted The David Chandler 'Night Sky' planisphere in 1976 and has promoted it ever since. It is widely recognised by the amateur astronomy and educational communities as the best planisphere on the market.

Eliminates over 90% of the distortion inherent in conventional one-sided planispheres.

"Chandler's planisphere (rotating star-finder wheel) is the finest available" Sky News

Key features:

  • Unlike coffee-table planispheres, The Night Sky is printed with dark stars on a light background, for easy nighttime readability.
  • The constellations are drawn simply, emphasising the brighter stars. The constellation patterns were designed in collaboration with the editors of Sky and Telescope magazine.
  • Coordinate grid lines are shown without being intrusive. Coordinates are shown because they can be useful for cross referencing with star atlases.
  • A selection of deep sky objects for binocular viewing is included. It is important to point out to beginners that the best first telescope is a pair of binoculars. You may already have what it takes to start observing tonight!
  • The Night Sky is larger than it looks! The map scale is larger than on similar-size planispheres because the whole sky does not have to be shown on a single map.

Measures approx 8.5 x 10 inches 

Southern Hemisphere Version

The Southern Hemisphere version, covers latitudes from 20° South and greater.

Japanese Version

The latitude setting of the Japanese planisphere is 35°N, which will work well for all of Japan. This is not a crude transliteration. Every aspect of the text has been critiqued and rewritten to read naturally in Japanese by two expert amateur astronomers living in Japan. Even the constellation patterns have been altered to better conform with the way they are recognised in Japan. (Sagittarius, for example, is seen as a Teapot by most Americans. However it does not look like a Japanese teapot!)

How to use:

With The Night Sky™ you will be up and running and locating constellations within minutes.

Basic Instructions:

  • Find the date on the outer edge of the rotating map dial.
  • Find the time on the outer edge of the blue mask.
  • Rotate the map dial to align the day with the time.
    • Use Standard Time for your location.  (If in Daylight Savings time, subtract one hour.)
  • To view objects in the northern half of the sky:
    • Face North and hold the chart upright in front of you so the word “North” on the blue mask is horizontal.  Objects near the horizon line on the planisphere will be low in the sky, near the northern horizon.
  • Tilt the chart to the right or left when you face East or West so the word “East” or “West” is horizontal.
  • To view objects in the southern half of the sky:
    • Face South and, without moving the map dial, flip the chart over and hold the chart upright so the word “South” on the blue mask is horizontal.  Objects near the horizon line on the planisphere will be low in the sky, near the southern horizon.
  • Tilt the chart to the right or left when you face East or West so the word “East” or “West” is horizontal.

Note For Southern Hemisphere Planispheres: The South side is the front, therefore start by facing South, hold the chart upright in front of you so the word “South” on the blue mask is horizontal.


To locate an unfamiliar constellation or star, start by finding a bright star or familiar constellation in the sky first.  Next locate the object on The Night Sky™ planisphere and find an adjacent constellation in the direction of the new object.  Look up and attempt to find the adjacent object in the sky.  Keep using nearby constellations or bright stars as stepping stones to help find the object you are seeking.

Customer reviews

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Monday, 12 October 2020  | 

high quality item . very clear marking. easy and pleasant transaction throughout. 5*+

Rating (max 5):  
Has its merits but...
Monday, 14 September 2020  | 

I have used a Philip's planisphere for many years but bought this one because I thought it would be easier to see in the dark. It is and is also a better size. The problem for me is that it does not have the star names that I need to align my new telescope.
I want to like it but, overall, a bit disappointed.

Rating (max 5):  
Monday, 10 August 2020  | 

great service Thank you!

Rating (max 5):  
Heavens Above!
Wednesday, 17 June 2020  | 

For decades I have always wanted to know all about the 'Heavens Above' , what the constellations are named and which are which, I cannot even pick out the stars that belong to them except The Hunter. but for various reasons not got round to it. So when listening to a YouTube video of Gil Broussard @ Planet7X who is a genius astronomer talking about the cosmos mentioned The Planisphere. What a fantastic thing! It arrived during lockdown fortunately, and I spent hours with it during the day and at night studying the stars. Opened up a whole new world. What I need now is a retentive memory please! In my opinion and judging from all the reviews I went through first, this David Chandler Planisphere is by far the best . The service and quality from FLO even for such a small item is also outstanding. I would recommend them to everyone. Thankyou if this review helps your decision.

Rating (max 5):  
Merci !
Friday, 22 May 2020  | 

Superb planisphere.
Excellent quality, readable, useful and user-friendly,
Service as well, competence, perfect shipping and above all, kindness.
What could ask for more ?

Rating (max 5):  
The best sky chart
Thursday, 9 January 2020  | 

An excellent product, so easy to use. Highly recommended

Rating (max 5):  
Night Sky Planisphere
Wednesday, 30 October 2019  | 

Simple and easy to use, no wifi, no batteries, tucks into my Sky Atlas nicely for trips to the field. Unless you have the night sky memorised, a simple and fast way to get your bearings.

Rating (max 5):  
Southern hemisphere planisphere for those who prefer the real thing to an app!
Monday, 15 July 2019  | 

Good product; fast delivery.

Rating (max 5):  
Handler vs Philips
Friday, 23 November 2018  | 

When the postman handed me the package my first reaction was that it was a bit small when compared to the Philips version. However, when you compare the windows the Chandler is larger. Turn it over and you have the southern aspect in detail. It works well with red led light. I like the sleeve as it stops it turning when you pick it up.
There is no planet data unlike the Philips but that is my only gripe.

Rating (max 5):  
David Chandler Night Sky Planisphere (Large, Plastic) an easy to use Planisphere at last.
Tuesday, 1 May 2018  | 

I purchased this in the hope it would be better (easier to read and larger) than my Philips one from the 1990's, bit of a punt but for 12, not high risk stakes.
Well, WOW is my first reaction, its the same size as my old one but the displayed area is at least twice the size and also double sided.
The printing is blue on white and far clearer for my 50+ eyes to read.
Reads very well under red light and equally well in daylight or artificial light indoors.
For something so simple, I am amazed at how much of an improvement this is.
Wonderful and highly recommended.
I am a very low tech astronomer, I use manual mounts, star atlas and planisphere, something of a Luddite really and proud of it.
I even make this my signature on SGL.
It does what is says on the tin as they say and does that very well.
Should have bought one of these years ago, rather than keep being frustrated by my old one.
The only thing I now seek is a bigger one still, I wonder if David Chandler produce such a thing?

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