Duplex Moon Atlas - The Next Generation Lunar Atlas by Ronald Stoyan
Duplex Moon Atlas - The Next Generation Lunar Atlas by Ronald StoyanDuplex Moon Atlas - The Next Generation Lunar Atlas by Ronald StoyanDuplex Moon Atlas - The Next Generation Lunar Atlas by Ronald Stoyan
Duplex Moon Atlas - The Next Generation Lunar Atlas by Ronald StoyanDuplex Moon Atlas - The Next Generation Lunar Atlas by Ronald StoyanDuplex Moon Atlas - The Next Generation Lunar Atlas by Ronald Stoyan

Duplex Moon Atlas - The Next Generation Lunar Atlas by Ronald Stoyan

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The Duplex Moon Atlas is the ultimate tool for those observing the lunar surface.

The new concept combines a number of unique features:

  • Two separate sections for users of refractors with star diagonal and reflectors
  • Based on a high-resolution digital model rather than photos or drawings
  • 38 charts of the whole lunar nearside with consistent shadow setting
  • Eight additional charts of areas of the lunar farside which earthbound observers can see in favourable libration conditions
  • 1261 named main features, including all named craters, mountains, valleys, hills, and rilles of the lunar nearside
  • About 6000 secondary craters to 10° of the nearside‘s rim
  • All impact and landing sites of human spacecraft ever to touch the lunar surface
  • Alphabetical index of all features and sites

The Duplex Moon Atlas is based on the high-resolution digital Wide Angle Mosaic (WAC) by the camera on board the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) satellite, which consists of 1300 individual images with a resolution of 145m per pixel.

The Duplex Moon Atlas is designed to be used at the eyepiece. The colours are optimised for usage with a red torch at night. Atlas pages are printed to the margin and with the wire-o binding, pages can be spread out easily. Printed on laminated paper, dew wipes off easily, and the atlas will last a long time.

80 pages, wire-o binding, waterproof, 21cm x 30cm, fully colored, ISBN 978-3-949370-05-2, December 2022 (1st edition)


Ronald Stoyan was born in 1972. In 2000 he founded the Oculum publishing house, whose first title was the "Deep Sky Guide". Ronald was editor of the magazine "interstellarum", which he co-founded in 1994. He has been an active deep-sky observer for over 20 years, and since then, he has visually observed over 2000 objects and drawn many of them. For this, he uses a variety of optics, from the smallest binoculars to the 20" Dobsonian.

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Superb quality....just like being there.
27 July 2023  | 

This is the best moon map I've ever seen. The whole moon is covered by full-page photographs and everything is labelled clearly.....craters (both large & small), mountain ranges, valleys etc. The locations of all the manned and unmanned landing-sites are shown (from all nations) and there is an index to easily find them. The book is divided into two colour-coded sections for users of different types of telescopes......those with reversed left-right views such as Maksutovs and those with upside-down views like reflectors so whatever type of telescope you have you will see the same view as shown on the map. All pages and covers are laminated so they can be easily wiped dry if you get them wet and the whole book has ring-binding which means you can lie it open / flat for reference whilst viewing. Very highly recommended.

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Duplex moon atlas
14 July 2023  | 

A very well put together moon atlas which shows the image orientation as seen through reflector telescopes as well as the other section showing the images as seen by refractors. Maks, SCTís etc. The pages are coated allowing the book to be used outside. Great value for money and shipped speedily by FLO.

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Perfect for all telescope types.
10 March 2023  | 

The main selling point of this Moon Atlas is that it has two sets of maps - one laid out for the view for a telescope with a star diagonal (e.g. refractor, catadioptric, etc) and one for the view through a Newtonian reflector. As an owner of both types of telescope, this has been invaluable. The atlas is spiral bound, so that it can be folded over onto the relevant page, and the pages are plastic so aren't affected by the dew. Maps are large and beautifully clear, with libration areas also clearly displayed. As an extra bonus, there were no clouds in the package, so I was able to use the atlas the very evening after it arrived! Overall, I thoroughly recommend this moon atlas - it has made all my other moon maps and atlases redundant at a stroke.

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Great service
09 March 2023  | 

Quick delivery as usual. A beautiful book with great detail. However I didn't think hard enough about the description and found it doesn't work as well if using an Amici style prism.

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New to lunar observing
06 March 2023  | 

I bought this on recommendation and as being relatively new to astronomy, Iíve decided to spend a bit more time looking at the lunar surface and taking in what is actually above us. This book is clearly laid out and in what few clear nights Iíve had, it has really helped me to identify specific areas of the moons surface.

The coated pages are great for outdoor use and along with the binding, itís a really practical guide.

Really pleased with this purchase and the great service from FLO. 👍


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