Inside PixInsight Book (Second Edition)

Inside PixInsight Book (Second Edition)

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Warren Keller reveals how to improve your digital images using PixInsight software. Second Edition.

Authors: Keller, Warren A.

  • Explains how to improve your digital images using PixInsight software
  • Authored by the foremost expert on PixInsight software, having created a series of successful instructional video tutorials
  • Augmented by screenshots to guide users through the pre-processing and post-processing edits 

Warren Keller reveals how to improve your digital images using PixInsight software, in a practical and easy to follow manner. PixInsight is a comprehensive post-processing platform created by astro-imagers for astro-imagers. For many users, PixInsight has replaced generic graphics editors and become the software of choice. Capable of complex post-processing routines, PixInsight is also an advanced pre-processing software through which astrophotographers can calibrate and stack their exposures into completed master files. 

This second edition expands on the several new processes added to the PixInsight platform since that time, detailing and demonstrating each one with a now-expanded workflow. Addressing topics such as PhotometricColorCalibration, Large-Scale Pixel Rejection, LocalNormalization and a host of other functions, this text remains the authoritative guide to PixInsight

About the authors

Warren Keller is a published astro-imager (APOD, Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines) and teacher of image processing. He has written extensively on the subject and is four-time Sky & Telescope author. Keller has also produced the definitive commercial video tutorial series on PixInsight.


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