Inside PixInsight Book

Inside PixInsight Book

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Warren Keller reveals how to improve your digital images using PixInsight software. 

Authors: Keller, Warren A.

  • Explains how to improve your digital images using PixInsight software
  • Authored by the foremost expert on PixInsight software, having created a series of successful instructional video tutorials
  • Augmented by screenshots to guide users through the pre-processing and post-processing edits 

Warren Keller reveals how to improve your digital images using PixInsight software, in a practical and easy to follow manner. PixInsight is a comprehensive post-processing platform created by astro-imagers for astro-imagers. For many users, PixInsight has replaced generic graphics editors and become the software of choice. Capable of complex post-processing routines, PixInsight is also an advanced pre-processing software through which astrophotographers can calibrate and stack their exposures into completed master files. 

About the authors

Warren Keller is a published astro-imager (APOD, Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines) and teacher of image processing. He has written extensively on the subject and is four-time Sky & Telescope author. Keller has also produced the definitive commercial video tutorial series on PixInsight.


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