Observing the Moon Book

Observing the Moon Book

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Observing the Moon
The Modern Astronomer's Guide

Author: Gerald North

  • Fully updated to take account of the latest imaging techniques, such as webcam observing
  • Written by one of the most experienced and well-regarded lunar observers in the world
  • 'Hands-on' approach - contains valuable practical advice on observing techniques and how to get the most from your telescope

Written by an experienced and well-known lunar observer, this is a hands-on primer for the aspiring observer of the Moon. Whether you are a novice or are already experienced in practical astronomy, you will find plenty in this book to help you raise your game to the next level and beyond. In this thoroughly updated second edition, the author provides extensive practical advice and sophisticated background knowledge of the Moon and of lunar observation. It incorporates the latest developments in lunar imaging techniques, including digital photography, CCD imaging and webcam observing, and essential advice on collimating all common types of telescope. Learn what scientists have discovered about our Moon, and what mysteries remain still to be solved. Find out how you can take part in the efforts to solve these mysteries, as well as enjoying the Moon's spectacular magnificence for yourself!


'… the friendly and chatty style of Observing the Moon continues in this second edition … Chapters have had major modifications to reflect the changes in the past seven years and cover subjects such as camera attachments to the telescope, modern CCD cameras, camcorders and webcams, image processing techniques and online web resources. This book is a good friendly way to introduce amateurs to lunar observing and has some excellent examples of observations by well known observers to illustrate what can be done.' Tony Cook, Journal of the British Astronomical Association

'North has managed to convey his enthusiasm while making this book accessible to those with no prior knowledge of the topic … There are a great deal of modifications to those chapters dealing with technologies and techniques that have been updated since the first edition … North's friendly and informative writing style assists the reader in learning about the techniques of lunar observation. This is an excellent reference tool for first-time astronomers and experts alike … the perfect companion for a budding amateur astronomer.' Martin Vickers, EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union

'Gerald North, an accomplished lunar scholar is the author, or co-author, of a number of texts on advanced amateur astronomy and observing techniques … This book is well produced and is a very useful, practical reference guide for the lunar observer, whether beginner or advanced. This delightful volume should inspire a new generation to the study of the Moon, Earth's long term companion in space.' John McFarland, Contemporary Physics

'This book includes lots of pictures of the moon as well as some hand drawn diagrams and it provides details of the telescope and camera used to take each …' Journal of Science and Technology

Review of the first edition: 'North advises the novice observer based on his own extensive experience, and he includes a brief review of lunar science from Apollo to Lunar Prospector. He richly illustrates his 48 crater descriptions with drawings, amateur and professional photographs, and spacecraft images ... I recommend North's observing guide as visually pleasing, meaty, and easy to read.' Sky and Telescope

Review of the first edition: 'North is an experienced lunar astronomer, and it shows … Observing the Moon will certainly help you on your way to make the most of your time behind the telescope.' Sarah Dunkin, Physics World

Review of the first edition: 'Observing the Moon is a beautifully produced, well illustrated, and thorough guide to the techniques of lunar observations, as well as being a detailed A to Z (well Agarum and Albategnius to Wargentin and Wichmann actually) of the more interesting features of the lunar landscape. Huge enjoyment can be obtained from studying our nearest celestial neighbour, and this book will help to improve your technique.' David W. Hughes, The Observatory

Review of the first edition: 'Guided by this book amateurs can undertake observations of real scientific usefulness and thus can make their own contributions to the understanding of our Moon.' Orion (Société Astronomique de Suisse)

Review of the first edition: 'Observing the Moon is a pretty comprehensive guide to beginning lunar observation and recommended reading.' Astronomy and Space

Review of the first edition: 'North is full of useful information for backyard astronomers who would like to move to the next level in their observations of the earth's satellite … Key advantages of North's volume include its practical focus – e.g. lots of advice on the strengths and weaknesses of various types of equipment – and its mix of vivid photographs and clarifying maps and charts.' Booklist

Review of the first edition: 'The latest in a long and venerable collection of astronomy titles from Cambridge University [Press].' Bloomsbury Review

'Recommended reading for the lumar enthusiast or just the plain curious.' Astronomy Now

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