Borg 90FL f/3.9ED Astrograph Set with Feather-Touch Focuser Set

Borg 90FL f/3.9ED Astrograph Set with Feather-Touch Focuser Set

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Model:  borg-90fl-f3.9ed-astrograph-set
Part Number:  borg-90fl-f3.9ed-astrograph-set

Japanese made Borg 90FL f/3.9 Astrograph features a premium quality Fluorite objective from Canon with 115mm tube diameter.

Includes a Starlight Instruments Feather Touch 2" dual speed focuser with 2" of draw tube travel and a compression ring.(FTF-3215B-A) 

Modular Borg design allows you to reconfigure the scope for visual observing or to disassemble it for ultra portability.


BORG 90FL F3.9ED Astrograph Set 


  • 90mm CANON Fluorite
  • Focal length : 350mm
  • F-ratio : 3.9
  • 6-element optical system, including one fluorite and one ED
  • 55mm image circle
  • 80.0mm backfocus (60.0mm from 7352)
  • Illumination : 82% full frame / 77% 55mm diagonal sensor
  • Feather Touch Focuser (FTF-3215B-A) as standard
  • Physical length : 365mm
  • 3.6kg
  • Airline transportable padded carrying bag
  • Tube Diameter 115mm



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