Borg  DG 1.4X Teleconverter

Borg DG 1.4X Teleconverter

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Model:  borg_7214
Part Number:  7214

The 7214 teleconverter works with Borg scopes from the Mini Borg 45ED up to the Borg 101ED, and third-party refractors between 300mm and 640mm focal length. It is specifically designed to minimize internal reflections when photographing bright objects such as the moon, sun, or solar eclipses.

Recommended configuration for use with DSLR cameras:

7214 - 7000 - 500x (camera adapter) - DSLR camera body


A:   M57 P0.75 Male
B:   M57 P0.75 Female


  • Distance from B-side interface flange to image plane is 60mm (fixed distance).
  • Adjustment for objective focal length does not require the use of tools. The adjustment position of the assembly is held by friction.
Optical Performance 0mm 28mm 43mm
Illumination (%) 100% 90% 76%
Spot size (micron) 20 20 20
Illumination 100 85 71
Spot size 30 20 20
Illumination 100 85 63
Spot size 30 20 20


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