Bresser Messier 10'' Dobsonian Telescope
Bresser Messier 10'' Dobsonian TelescopeBresser Messier 10'' Dobsonian TelescopeBresser Messier 10'' Dobsonian TelescopeBresser Messier 10'' Dobsonian Telescope

Bresser Messier 10" Dobsonian Telescope

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Model:  bresser_messier_dob10
Part Number:  4716425

Now includes full aperture Solar-filter for safe observation of sunspots, eclipses and planet transits. 

The Bresser Messier 10" Dobsonian Telescope is essentially a larger version of the Messier 8" with 1.57x more light gathering ability. 

Like its smaller sister it has an interesting design that includes tube-rings, large radius altitude bearings and a large 2.5” R&P Hex-Focuser. 

The tube-rings enable you to slide the telescope forwards/backwards to balance heavy eyepieces or a binoviewer. The altitude bearings are removable so you can fit a dovetail (available separately) and attach it to a different mount, i.e. a motorised German Equatorial Mount. 

The sturdy 2.5" R&P Hex-Focuser is larger than focusers fitted to most other Dobsonians so can be used with 2” eyepieces with confidence, it can also be upgraded to dual-speed with 10:1 gear reduction. 

The 10” (254mm) parabolic primary mirror is made from low expansion H-PZ33O glass and sits in a 9-point primary mirror-cell with convenient collimation knobs (not screws). 

Unlike competing products the telescope base employs standard metal furniture fasteners so can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. 

Other features include blackened edges for the secondary mirror, a 6x30 optical finder and an accessory rack with room for both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces. 

Supplied with a 25mm Super Plossl eyepiece. 

















  • Newtonian optics with parabolic primary mirror made from H-PZ33 low expansion glass material
  • 2.5" HEX focuser with rack & pinion drive
  • Large altitude wheels provide smooth and precise movement even at high magnifications
  • 6x30 Finder Scope and SPL 25mm eyepiece included
  • 9-point flotation system mirror cell for the for primary maximizes optical performance
  • Tube rings facilitate the use of the optics on equatorial mounts
  • The parts of the rocker-box are connected with metal furniture fasteners for easy assembly and dissasembly
  • Diffraction limited optics: Strehl > 0.8

Telescope Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

  • 10" Messier Telescope OTA
  • OTA Tube Rings & Altitude Wheels
  • Rocker Box Mount
  • 6x30 Optical Finder
  • 25mm SPL Eyepiece
  • Full Aperture Solar Filter
  • Drawtube extender 37.5mm for 2.5" Hex-focuser
  • 2/1.25" Eyepiece Adapter


Optical design Newtonian Reflector
Maximum recommended magnification 500
Material Primary mirror Special low expansion H-PZ33
Primary mirror diameter 254 mm
Material Secondary mirror Borosilicate-glass with low thermal expansion 
Secondary mirror diameter 74 mm
Objective diameter 254 mm
Focal length 1270 mm
Aperture ratio 5
Finderscope 6x30 Optical Finder
Mount Type Dobsonian
Material OTA Steel
Mount type Dobsonian
Focusing system 2.5" R&P Hex-focuser
Colour white
Warranty 5 Years
Net weight OTA (incl. accessories) 13 kg
Total length 132 cm
Total width 51 cm
Total height 51 cm
Tube diameter 300 mm
Tube length 1200 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 27.9 kg
Net weight mount (incl. accessories) 16.4 kg

Customer reviews

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An excellent scope
14 September 2022  | 

Scope arrived well before estimated delivery date. Out of the box I was Quite surprised at the size but in reality it is fairly manageable and easy to handle. The oversized Hexafoc focuser works very smoothly and the build quality of the whole item is exceptional, with a heavy and solid feel to it. Unfortunately the included finder scope is of Questionable quality, but it does work. the motions of the telescope's base are very smooth, and although the groundboard was slightly damaged in transit (small chips missing from the plastic coating protecting the board) this does not affect the functionality in any way.
The views through a 26mm plossl eyepiece show negligible aberration except the coma inevitable in a F5 Newtonian, and although I have not had a chance to test it to high magnifications the planets seem very sharp and contrasty
I would definitely recommend this scope

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Great Experience
30 July 2022  | 

Thank you FLO team for the great support. The customer service before and during purchase was superb. Quick response time for every question I've had. Shipped so quickly and delivered 3 days after purchase (shipping to Israel with DHL Express)
Since I've had such a great experience with FLO, and Bresser (10inch Bresser Messier dob. LOL. This sh+t is great. I wish the finderscope was made from real material and not from cheap feel plastic, but the rest of the piece is fantastic!) I really recommend. I wish FLO would have a secondary more affordable shipping method to Israel, for small items not like the gigantic 10 inch, but for some eyepieces etc So I could make another small purchases, But DHL was a great choice for the big thing, for sure.
Great customer service
Great shipping logistics
Fair prices
I'm pretty happy
And surprised on a daily basis by the size of the 10inch....

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My First scope
02 July 2022  | 

As this is my first proper telescope, I was looking for something that would be reasonably versatile so I could look at both planets and deep sky objects. Ultimately, I wanted it keep me interested in astronomy for many years to come and not just be a mad phase I go through. To help me in making a choice I watched many astronomy Youtuber channels like Astrobiscuit, Ed Ting and Helena's Astrophotography to name a few, and read the FLOs Beginner advice (

I came to conclusion that a Newtonian Reflector on a Dobsonian mount makes a great first impression for beginners over a refactor telescope. I was now set on getting a Dobsonian and it was difficult choosing between the 6, 8 and 10 inch and basically it boils down to... bigger is better. A 6inch Dob is probably the cheapest to go with and easy to carry around but a 12 inch or more is probably going to be too large for a first timer and difficult to move in and out of the house, also slightly outside my budget.

Brand wise it didn’t look like it really made much difference if I went with any of these brands Bresser, Sky-Watcher, Celestron, Explore Scientific. They all seemed to be very good but had slight variances on what extras are provided. I went what thought was a reasonably priced product, the Bresser 10" Dob. Although this option only provided one lens, a 25mm Plossl, it also comes with a Sun filter so I thought might be something worth trying out should the opportunity arise.

While I waited for the telescope to be shipped, I dropped into my local Photographic shop to see if they had any lenses, cheap or second hand, just to give me a couple of extra viewing options. All they had was a Celestron kit roughly £100, it contained a 2x Barlow, a 6mm and 17mm Plossl lens and a couple of lens filters inc moon filter) so I purchased that.

When my telescope arrived (via DHL x2 boxes) I couldn’t wait to get it unpacked and setup. The base was easy enough to put together, like putting together a flatpack bathroom cabinet, except everything fit together without issue. Telescope was a little on the heavy side and setting up the brackets for the telescope was a bit a fiddley.

My first night out didn’t go so well, everything was blurry and never got into focus, thinking it was a collimation issue I followed the guidance from YT channel "Space Time With Robert" which helped me realise I had not fitted the viewer extension tube which was still in the box. Doh!!

Second night out...I was amazed with what I could see. There is so much you don’t see with the naked eye. I looked at Antares and Vego and few other objects, I also saw what looked like a smudge in the sky and this might have been a nebula. Antares to the naked eye was yellow\orange but through the scope it was cycling though lots of different colours.

A few nights later I was able to see Jupiter and Saturn. I was blown away... I tried to use the Barlow with the 6mm Lens for looking at Jupiter and Saturn. It was hard to line up but manged in the end. For Jupiter I could see a couple of the darker rings of cloud and with Saturn it was bright, and I could clearly see there was a ring around it. As a comparison for those that have not yet seen through telescope yet, both planets scaled to roughly the size a BB pellet if I held it about an inch or so away from my eye, if that is of any help. When I used the 25mm Lens that was supplied with this scope (without using the Barlow) I had a much wider view, so the planets where much smaller but I could see the some of the moons orbiting the respective planet. I wish I could have taken a picture, so I guess that’s my next thing on my list to work towards.

Overall, I am totally overjoyed with this purchase and would recommend that any beginners choose a Newtonian\Dobsonian as their first scope. If your budget can afford a 10 inch and you don’t mind the extra weight to move it around this is a good choice. If you want the choice of having a couple of Lenses to choose from, either get a kit that has a couple of Plossl Lens or choose one of the other brands that are likely to have a 10mm and 25mm provided and get the Barlow separately. I hope this review helps anyone else that is having trouble trying to make up their minds on what to get.

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Knowing what you want in a scope !
18 May 2020  | 

Having decided on a change of direction in astronomy by concentrating more on visual rather than photography i took the plunge on the 10" bresser Dob . Initial thoughts were a mixture of dismay, disappointment
and finally elation . FIrstly , thanks to you guys at FLO .. i've been a persistent pest in bombarding you all with questions over the last two weeks and every time you have replied courteously .
The scope arrived within 24 hours !!!! ... It was a bit confusing because i didn't think there were enough screws ,but , the base was partly assembled already so that was fine.
Unfortunately part of the base is damaged ! ( disappointment )
This scope is BIG (dismay) .. Where the hell is it going to go ? Luckily being a guy , i don't tend to buy too many clothes so i found a space in my wardrobe (problem solved )
Now onto the best bit ... this scope excelled at first light ... Venus was a joy , and even my wife , who is now basically an astronomy widow , was impressed . The build quality of the scope , at least, is superb . Collimating was easy with the large screws instead of those fiddly little things you usually find on reflector scopes . I actually was initially going to return the scope...the damage to the base ( which i hope will be rectified) was a star reducer , but , i cant fault the scope and am now pursuing my knowledge of the night sky , without GOTO .. this actually makes astronomy more fun In my opinion. So , all in all , for me , it was the right purchase . But , beware the obvious pitfalls you get with a Dob .. i.e. Its Big and Its quite heavy in an awkward way . The obvious pluses are Aperture Aperture Aperture .. and fantastic views of our night sky .


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