Bresser Messier 8'' Dobsonian Telescope
Bresser Messier 8'' Dobsonian TelescopeBresser Messier 8'' Dobsonian TelescopeBresser Messier 8'' Dobsonian Telescope
Bresser Messier 8'' Dobsonian TelescopeBresser Messier 8'' Dobsonian TelescopeBresser Messier 8'' Dobsonian Telescope

Bresser Messier 8" Dobsonian Telescope

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Model:  bresser_messier_dob8
Part Number:  4716420

Now includes full aperture Solar-filter for safe observation of sunspots, eclipses and planet transits. 

The Bresser Messier 8" Dobsonian Telescope has an interesting design that includes tube-rings, large radius altitude bearings and a large 2.5” R&P Hex-Focuser. 

The tube-rings enable you to slide the telescope forwards/backwards to balance heavy eyepieces or a binoviewer. The altitude bearings are removable so you can fit a dovetail (available separately) and attach it to a different mount, i.e. a motorised German Equatorial Mount. 

The sturdy 2.5" R&P Hex-Focuser is larger than focusers fitted to most other Dobsonians so can be used with 2” eyepieces with confidence, it can also be upgraded to dual-speed with 10:1 gear reduction. 

The 8” (203mm) parabolic primary mirror is made from low expansion H-PZ33O glass and sits in a 6-point primary mirror-cell with convenient collimation knobs (not screws). 

Unlike competing products the telescope base employs standard metal furniture fasteners so can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. 

Other features include blackened edges for the secondary mirror, a 6x30 optical finder and an accessory rack with room for both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces. 

Supplied with a 25mm Super Plossl eyepiece. 

















  • Newtonian optics with parabolic primary mirror made from H-PZ33 low expansion glass material
  • 2.5" HEX focuser with rack & pinion drive
  • Large altitude wheels provide smooth and precise movement even at high magnifications
  • 6x30 Finder Scope and SPL 25mm eyepiece included
  • 6-point flotation system mirror cell for the for primary maximizes optical performance
  • Tube rings facilitate the use of the optics on equatorial mounts
  • The parts of the rocker-box are connected with metal furniture fasteners for easy assembly and dissasembly
  • Diffraction limited optics: Strehl > 0.8

Telescope Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

  • 8" Messier Telescope OTA
  • OTA Tube Rings & Altitude Wheels
  • Rocker Box Mount
  • 6x30 Optical Finder
  • 25mm SPL Eyepiece
  • Full Aperture Solar Filter
  • Drawtube extender 37.5mm for 2.5" Hex-focuser
  • 2/1.25" Eyepiece Adapter
  • Solar Filter


Optical designNewtonian Reflector
Maximum recommended magnification400
Material Primary mirrorSpecial low expansion H-PZ33
Primary mirror diameter203 mm
Material Secondary mirrorBorosilicate-glass with low thermal expansion, individually matched to main mirror
Secondary mirror diameter57 mm
Objective diameter203 mm
Focal length1218 mm
Aperture ratio6
Angular resolution0.6 arc seconds
Finderscope6x30 Optical Finder
Mount TypeDobsonian
Material OTASteel
Mount typeDobsonian
Focusing system2.5" R&P Hex-focuser
Warranty5 Years
Net weight OTA (incl. accessories)11.5 kg
Total length128 cm
Total width48 cm
Total height48 cm
Tube diameter250 mm
Tube length1150 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories)21 kg
Net weight mount (incl. accessories)9.5 kg
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter50.8 mm

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