Catseye ComboSet PRO XLKP & XLSKP 15" Kits

Catseye ComboSet PRO XLKP & XLSKP 15'' Kits


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Model:  Catseye_XLKP_XLSKP_15_Kit
Brand:  Catseye

This affordable Catseye Collimation kit includes the latest 2" Infinity XLKP Autocollimator with second offset viewing pupil and a 2" Telecat XL or XLS combined sight-tube/Cheshire. It also included a 15" centring template. A 32" version of this kit is available for larger apertures.

Collimating a Newtonian Telescope

Ordering is easy:

1. Select XLKP (with longer sight-tube) for Newtonian telescopes with f-ratios f3.5-6 or XLSKP for f-ratios f3-5

2. Select the type of template (personal preference) triangle or hotspot pattern (similar to the radioactive symbol).

3. Select Red or White (personal preference) centre-triangles in either 3/16" (most popular) or larger 1/4" inch (better when used with a barlowed laser) sizes. A new Hotspot pattern is also available that is yellow or white and similar in shape to the radioactive symbol (personal preference).


Catseye triangles and hotspots

There are currently no specifications available for this product.

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