Catseye Hotspot & 4''-15'' Centring Template

Catseye Hotspot & 4"-15" Centring Template

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Catseye Hotspot and 15" Centring Template.

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Wow what a difference, I can now use my 4mm eyepice on my scope
Saturday, 27 February 2021  | 

I had placed my own reinforcing ring on what I thought to be the center of my 14" miror. However I could not get collimation good enough to be able to use a 4mm eyepice. I bought the Catseye Hotspot, gave my mirror a clean and used the template to place the Hot Spot in the centre of the mirror. It was a bit tricky, but making sure that the spot is secure on the templete before placing it finally worked OK.
Once placed and the mirror back in the cell it was time to collimate the telescope. I use a Howie Glatter 2" laser colimator and TuBlug. Placing the laser dot in the centre of the Hotspot is easy, the hotspot has a reflective coting so you know if the laser is hitting the Hotspot rather than the hole in it as the light is dimmer once it moves of the spot.
Out with the telescope and Wow! Collimation is spot on taking a look at the moon and slowly ramping up the magnification I tried the 4mm Radian, for the first time in the 18 years I've had the scope it handled the magnification beautifully, giving stunning views.
If you are having problems with collimation try the CatsEye hotspot it may be the centre point ring is off centre.

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Precise and easy to use template!
Monday, 14 September 2020  | 

This is a must when collimating with the Catseye system, the sticker is easily mounted on the mirror with the template, and the sticker is very reflective so it is very easy to collimate with this.
I made a short video of how to mount the sticker, it can be found here:

/Daniel, Exo Photography

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Catseye Centring Template
Friday, 21 February 2014  | 

Whilst it's possible to produce your own centring template, the Catseye template is very nicely printed on durable clear acetate film and accurately printed/marked. It came supplied with hotspot and clear instructions in a cardboard mailing tube. I was initially concerned that it might be curled and require flattening before use, but the acetate unrolled out flat with no observable distortion.

As I have multiple mirrors to spot, FLO were very helpful in supplying 3 additional hotspots with the template at nominal cost.

I spotted two 8" mirrors single handed and spent longer removing the old spots than applying the new.

Very simple, precise and quick to use - though you may require another hand for the bigger template and larger mirrors.

As an aside, the previous centre ring on my skywatcher mirror was 2mm off, which @ F5 is not accurate enought (2.8mm sweetspot with a radius of 1.4mm)


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