Catseye Infinity XLKP Autocollimator

Catseye Infinity XLKP Autocollimator


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Model:  Catseye_XLKP_ac
Brand:  Catseye

The BEST telescope auto-collimator!

Jim Fly's Catseye 2" Infinity XLKP Autocollimator with second off-set viewing pupil, is the direct result of the 'out of the box' thinking and analysis by Ghassan 'Jason' Khadder on the Cloudy Nights Astronomy Forum. The 'K' appendix is a tribute to Jason's extraordinary insight and assistance in the development of this product.

The second off-set viewing pupil reveals additional visual feedback about the relative positions of the focuser and primary axes. A conventional single-pupil device might show a single stack of multiple images that 'appear' correct but residual errors in the axial alignment can still be observed via an additional offset pupil. 

Features a premium optically flat first-surface mirror with 97% reflectivity and dielectric-coating for protection. Precise mirror registration ensures perfect internal collimation. Inferior copycat products typically have a lower quality mirror poorly aligned within the tube.

Not all telescope Autocollimators are equal


The new INFINITY XLKP surpasses the axial alignment capability of its XLK legacy with a 21% reduction in pupil diameter for even more axial-error resolution before the central-pupil images disappear during the iterative convergence collimation method.

Additionally, a new novel mirror manufacturing process produces a long-awaited improvement in the consistency and precision of mirror-hole circular definition and spacing to facilitate precision alignment with the tool's eyepiece pupils.

Side-by-side look of a typical XLK mirror with irregular (approximately 0.125") pupils and the new XLKP mirror with "perfect-circle" 0.100” pupils.

The older XLK version selected No.8 in the Cloudy Nights Readers Choice Gear of the Year 2010: 

"Those ever faster newts require ever better collimation tools if you’re going to get the most out of them, and Catseye has stepped up to the plate with the XLK Autocollimator.  The XLK is an enhancement to the already popular XL series, and enables even finer collimation assurance.  Perhaps the fact that it was partly the result of an idea and discussion on our forums with one of our members helps to ensure it’s popularity, and it certainly provides an amazing look into how amateurs and vendors can collaborate to develop even better products."

Supplied with full instructions.

Note: An autocollimator compliments a traditional Cheshire/Sight-Tube, it doesn't replace it. The Cheshire/Sight-Tube is still the best tool for positioning the secondary mirror under the focuser. 


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