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Winner Best Astronomy/Long Distance Binocular 2015

"Using very high end Japanese glass, Celestron Echelon binoculars are put together by hand in their plant back in the US where the focus is very much on precision and quality.Designed for long range terrestrial use as well as astronomy, they feature very large 70mm objective lenses as well as fully multicoated optics that ensure as much available light as possible gets to your eyes for the brightest images and really do excel compared to many of their competitors in low light conditions.As you would expect with a large instrument like these, they are tripod adaptable as well as fully water and fog proof and come with an included and very high quality hard carry case."  bestbinocularsreviews.com (20x70 model) 


"The Echelon 16x70s are an enormous improvement on budget 70mm binoculars and are worth considering by anyone who primarily observes with binoculars, but especially by those who need to wear spectacles while stargazing."  Stephen Tonkin writing for 'BBC Sky at Night' magazine July 2015. 

Not all binoculars are created equal, especially when they are expected to perform well in low light conditions.  Observations during twilight and at night require larger optics to collect as much light as possible, but big lenses alone are not enough to ensure a superior viewing experience.  It also takes quality glass and rugged construction to keep your binoculars safe and working well for years to come. 

Celestron’s large-aperture Echelon series binoculars were designed for use in low light conditions.  Whether you are long-range glassing across a field or valley, or gazing at the night sky, a pair of Celestron Echelon binoculars will get the job done.  With an exit pupil of 7 mm, these binoculars deliver the maximum amount of light your pupils can accept, allowing you to see the most detail possible.

The Echelon 10x70 model offers the lowest magnification of any Echelon model, giving it the widest field of view. Choose this model if you are new to high-power, large-aperture binoculars, as they will make it easiest to acquire and follow your subject. The 10x model is also a great choice for viewing large swaths of the night sky, comets, the Milky Way, and more. 

The 16x70 model offers  great magnification for astronomy, and provides enough power to bring small subjects into view, even at long distances.

The 20x70 model offers the highest  magnification in the Echelon Series. Choose this model for picking out small subjects at the longest distances, or for high-magnification viewing of celestial objects.

Superb Optical Quality

Celestron Echelon binoculars sport high quality 70 mm objective lenses made in Japan. Superior BaK-4 prisms were chosen for maximum contrast and sharpness, and all air-to-glass surfaces are multi-coated with Celestron’s proprietary XLT optical coatings—the same high transmission coatings used on our observatory-grade telescopes to increase contrast and resolution. 

Assembled in the USA

Celestron Echelon binoculars are manufactured using quality Japanese optics and are assembled by hand by skilled technicians in Southern California.

Quality Construction

Each Echelon binocular housing is made of Aluminium alloy, keeping it strong yet lightweight, an important factor when considering a big binocular purchase. Durable rubber armour covers the Aluminium housing for a slip-free grip and protection against the occasional bump or ding.  These binoculars are fully waterproof and are nitrogen-purged to seal the optics against fog, dew, and other forms of moisture.  This means you can use your Echelon binocular in damp conditions without having to pack up and call it a day when unexpected weather makes an appearance. 

Includes Waterproof Hard Case

Echelon binoculars come with a high quality waterproof hard case for ultimate protection against dust, moisture, and rough handling.  A moulded foam insert cradles the binoculars perfectly, keeping them safe and sound no matter where your journeys take you! 

Individual Focus

Echelon binoculars use an individual eye focus system, enabling you to rotate each eyepiece to set the proper focus for your right and left eye.  Once set, you should be able to use your binoculars at a moment’s notice and focus sharply at infinity, the normal distance desired for long-range observations.   Should you wish to share your binocular with others, it is fast and simple to adjust the focus for their vision requirements.

Extended Eye Relief

The Celestron Echelon binoculars offer 21.5mm of eye relief in the 10x70 model, 18.6mm in the 16x70 model and 19.5mm in the 20x70 model. This makes them comfortable for all users, whether they wear eyeglasses or not.  The rubber eyecups position your eyes at the perfect distance from the optics for a full field of view. 

Tripod Adaptable

Echelon binoculars are easily attached to a photographic tripod for extended observing sessions.  A binocular tripod adapter (sold separately) is used to make the connection between the binoculars and a standard tripod, and is especially helpful for vibration-free observations of the night sky.  


  • Enjoy low light observing with these large-aperture 70 mm binoculars. Their large exit pupil allows you to see maximum detail, even in the shadows.  Also great for astronomy! 
  • Fully waterproof for protection against the elements and nitrogen-purged to prevent internal fogging.
  • Hand-assembled in the USA from high quality Japanese optics, using Celestron’s proprietary XLT coating technology for superior optical performance.
  • Includes a durable, waterproof hard case for protection.
  • Tripod adaptable for long observing sessions or when you want to share the view with others.

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What's in the box

  • Echelon Binoculars
  • Objective Lens Caps
  • Rainguard
  • Waterproof Hard Case
  • Neck Strap
  • Lens Cloth
  • Instruction Manual


Objective Lens Diameter (mm)70 mm (2.76 in)70 mm (2.76 in)70 mm (2.76 in)
Magnification (x)10 x16 x20 x
Apparent Field of View5.3 °3.8 °3.0 °
Linear Field of View (@1000 yds)278 ft/93 m199 ft/66 m157 ft/52 m
Exit Pupil (mm)7 mm (0.28 in)4.38 mm (0.17 in)3.5mm mm (0.14 in)
Eye Relief (mm)21.5 mm (0.85 in)18.6 mm (0.73 in)19.5mm mm (0.77 in)
Optical CoatingsXLT Coatings (Fully Multi-Coated)XLT Coatings (Fully Multi-Coated)XLT Coatings (Fully Multi-Coated)
Dimensions LxWxH (in/mm)10.15 in x 8.74 in x 3.31 in (258 mm x222 mm x84 mm) in (258 mm)10.15 in x 8.74 in x 3.31 in (258 mm x222 mm x84 mm) in (258 mm)10.15 in x 8.74 in x 3.31 in (258 mm x222 mm x84 mm) in (258 mm)
Weight~ 1637g / 57.74oz~ 1637g / 57.74oz~ 1637g / 57.74oz
Prism Glass (Type)Bak-4Bak-4Bak-4
Twilight Factor26.46 x33.47 x37.42 x
Relative Brightness4919.212.25
Water ProofYesYesYes
Nitrogen Filled (Fog Proof)YesYesYes
Interpupillary Distance58-7228-72 mm58-72 mm
Diopter Compensation+/- 4+/- 4+/- 4
Tripod AdaptableYesYesYes

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Q1. How much do these binoculars weigh?

The Celestron Echelon binoculars weigh approximately 1637g / 57.74oz.