Celestron C6-R Refractor VX GOTO
 Celestron C6-R Refractor VX GOTOCelestron C6-R Refractor VX GOTO 

Celestron C6-R Refractor VX GOTO

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About this product

Model:  c6r-vx-22020
Part Number:  22020-CGL

For planetary observation and brighter deep-sky objects, many astronomers say there’s no better choice than a refractor.

Unlike Schmidt-Cassegrain or Newtonian telescopes that have a secondary mirror, refractors offer no obstruction of the aperture, giving you the highest possible contrast. This refractor setup features an f/8 objective lens, which can be paired with a suitable planetary imaging camera for planetary astrophotography.

The new Advanced VX mount is specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. Features include permanent programmable periodic error correction, all star polar alignment, autoguider support and the ability to image across the meridian without doing a meridian flip so you can seamlessly image the best part of night sky. Compared to the earlier CG5-GT mount the Advanced VX also has larger base castings for improved stability under heavier loads and upgraded motors for more torque. 



  • 6” (150mm) f/8 objective lens is perfect for high contrast planetary views
  • 2” Focuser allows use with 2” and 1.25” accessories
  • Integer gear ratios and permanently programmable Periodic Error Correction eliminates recurring track errors from the worm gear.
  • Autoguider port for long exposure imaging
  • New motors offer improved tracking performance & provide more power to overcome load imbalances
  • Updated industrial design offers more rigidity, less flexure and improved aesthetics
  • New design allows viewing or imaging across the meridian without interference from the motors housings
  • Improved latitude range.  Can be used between 7 – 77 degrees latitude.
  • NexStar+ hand control offers multiple language programming (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)

What's in the box

  • Telescope OTA
  • VX Mount
  • 9x50 Finderscope
  • 20mm Eyepiece


Optical Design Refractor
Aperture (mm)150 mm (5.91 in)
Telescope TypeComputerized (GOTO)
Focal Length (mm)1200 mm (47 in)
Focal Ratio8
Eyepiece 1 (mm)20 mm (0.79 in)
Magnification 160 x
Optical TubeAluminum
Fastar CompatibleNo
TripodAdjustable, Stainless Steel
Tripod Legs2"
Weight (lbs)71 lbs (32 kg)
Power SupplyCar battery adapter
Highest Useful Magnification354 x
Lowest Useful Magnification21 x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude13.4
Resolution (Rayleigh)0.93 arc seconds
Resolution (Dawes)0.77 arc seconds
Light Gathering Power
(Compared to human eye)
459 x
Secondary Mirror Obstruction2.2" in (56 mm)
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter37 %
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area14 %
Optical Tube Length51" in (1295 mm)
Optical Tube Weight19 lbs (8.62 kg)
EQ Mount Weight17 lbs (7.71 kg)
Tripod Height (Max)64" in (1626 mm)
Tripod Height (Min)44" in (1118 mm)
Tripod Weight18 lbs (8.16 kg)
Counterweight Bar12" Length, 0.75" Diameter lbs (5.44 kg)
Counterweights2 x 11 lbs
Latitude Range7-77 deg
Motor DriveLow cog DC Servo motors with encoders, both axes
Slew SpeedsNine slew speeds, 4 deg/sec maximum
Tracking RatesSidereal, Solar and Lunar
Tracking ModesEQ North and EQ South
Alignment Procedures2-Star Align, Quick Align, 1-Star Align, Last Alignment, Solar System Align
Communication Ports2x AUX ports, Autoguider port, RS-232 port (on hand control)
Computer Hand ControlDouble line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttons
Database40,000+ objects, 100 user defined programmable objects. Enhanced information on over 200 objects
Power Requirements12V DC 3.5A (tip positive)
Internal ClockYes
GPSOptional SkySync GPS Accessory

Downloads / Manuals

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Celestron Advanced VX Manual

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A Truly Spectacular Value
Monday, 7 December 2015  | 

The mount is rock solid. Finish quality is very high. The cell and focuser are metal. The GOTO system is the most advanced yet with loads of extra features for visual observations and CCD imaging. So far, three star alignments center my targets in a 32 or 24 mm eyepiece to, at least, the manual's claimed 10 arc minute accuracy. The optical tube has a 2-1/2 second damp time from a sharp tap despite the tube's great moment arm. Field weight is 75lbs assembled. Tube 19lbs., Mount 16lbs. Tripod 18lbs. Quick assembly. Frankly, I was a little taken aback, if not impressed, by its huge stature and sheer bulk as it stood assembled for the first time in the living room.

The cradle ring dovetail makes attaching the OTA easy and safe, but adding a large $6 handle from the hardware store to the top of the cradle rings makes it a breeze to carry and attach to the mount.

Its 6" aperture performs amazingly well on deep sky objects like open and globular clusters and nebulae. In fact, its light gathering is on par with an 8" Schmidt-Cass due to zero obstructions of the light path. M13 and other globulars can be easily resolved to their core down to 8mm due to the superior image contrast that only a refractor can produce. Last night I glimpsed a 10th magnitude galaxy NGC7331 in Pegasus. It was a single, irregular smudge 50 million light years away, but I saw it for the first time. M31, the Andromeda galaxy, was brilliant and dominated the expanse of my 32 Konig. M110, its companion galaxy, was also easily detected. M42, the Great Nebula in Orion, is guaranteed to knock one's socks off due to the refractor's superior contrast!

The f/8 ratio is surprisingly free of expected gobs of chromatic aberration. Only very bright objects at high power show minor blue fringing. But the Baader Fringe Killer and Moon & Sky Glow filters stacked together in the diagonal makes short work of that issue and boosts planetary/Lunar details. But even without the filters Lunar and planetary images are impressive. One night of exceptional "seeing" I caught fleeting glimpses of Saturn's Enke Minima in the ring ansae. Cassini's Division and 4 of Saturn's moons are regular features. Mars' ice caps and Syrtis Major, &etc., are easy targets with proper color filters.

April 17, 2015 I finally recovered Jupiter's much faded Great Red Spot that had eluded me for nearly three seasons. It was encircled in a whitish cloud plodding along in a faint and most irregular South Equatorial Belt (SEB). A sharp black dot was also easily observed crossing in the NEB. Likely IO's shadow though I neglected to find the moon itself crossing Jupiter's face. I was more interested in Callisto's occulting Ganymede at the time. A very short event! That night's "seeing" was exceptional for my locale, though far from perfect.

After a 3-star alignment on a partly cloudy night I easily snared both Ceres and Vesta, our largest asteroids, in the same 32mm field of view! A once in a lifetime occurrence. I simply keyed in the R.A. and Dec. as determined from Stellarium and the GOTO slewed exactly to where they were.

The GOTO is loaded with features and utilities which will aid you, especially if imaging is your forte.

The only real shortcoming of the instrument is the focuser. It could use one of better quality, but it keeps the package selling price low. I disassembled the focuser, removed the gum they call focuser grease and lubed it with Plumbago grease (70% petroleum jelly, 30% No.2 flaked graphite homebrew mix). Then I adjusted the two tiny Allen screws atop the focuser casting, and also eased up on the focusing knob tightness. Voila! No more image shift and it racks in and out butter smooth. To make the entire package absolutely perfect though, I may someday upgrade and replace the stock focuser with an Orion 2x Crayford focuser for $147 through Amazon. That would give a "research grade" feel and performance to the refractor. But it is no longer a necessity.

I am a veteran amateur astronomer of 34 years. This is one of the best overall (commercial) instruments I have owned. Not one second thought or regret. If you can handle the size you will not regret your purchase either. I promise you will also be "King of the Walk" at any star party with what has been affectionately referred to as the "yard cannon".

It is truly a spectacular value for the price.


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