Baader Mark-III MPCC Coma Corrector - Photographic

Baader Mark-III MPCC Coma Corrector - Photographic

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Model:  baader-mpcc-mkiii
Part Number:  2458400A

This updated Baader Mark-III Coma Corrector features a newly designed lens system optimised for f-ratios f3.5 to f6 (the original MPCC was designed for an f/ratio of f4 to f6). 

Features include

  • No change in focal length or field size
  • No vignetting down to f3.5
  • accepts T-2 (M42x0.75) and/or 2" (M48x0.75) threaded photographic or visual adapters
  • 2" stopping collar removable for increase in backfocus
  • Phantom Group lens coatings for maximum light transmission and freedom from reflections from UV to NIR
  • Optional adapter for direct coupling of the MPCC III directly to the Baader CANON EOS protective T-ring
  • 44mm clear aperture when using the M48 (2") filter-thread or the Protective T-ring with optional adapter
  • Requires 55mm back focus.

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Bringing a Newtonian into Service
24 October 2023  | 

Whilst I have many years experience of astro photography using refractors and a Ritchley-Chretien reflector, I have felt hindered by the photographic slowness of the latter. I decided to replace it with a much faster Newtonian, and this corrector was purchased specifically to sort out the inherent imperfections of the Newtonian design. All has not been plain sailing; firstly the notes did not make it clear where the 55mm separation from the sensor should be measured. I had a speedy response from FLO my query on this, and I re-designed the optical train to closely meet the required specification. The first of only two sessions was disappointing, and it turned out that my new Newtonian was far from being correctly collimated, as I had hoped for a new instrument. I corrected this, and a second session produced far better results. However, there is still some evidence of star elongation beyond 80% or so of the distance to the corners of the image - hence my score of 4 stars. There is still more investigation to be done - this is being hampered by continuously cloudy conditions.. I would be pleased to enter into communication with you if you have any observation to make on these brief notes.

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A well made coma corrector.
13 July 2022  | 

I bought this CC for use with a celestron 130 SLT telescope and a ZWO 294mc. I havenít had the chance to test it because it is the rainy season in my city although Iím sure it will work well.
The only problem i had was achieving focus, as the instructions are not clear on this (Iím a begginer), but the key is to push the CC into the focuser tube with all the extender rings to achieve the recommended back focus distance between the camera sensor and the CCÖ
As always the service from first light optics was excellent, I received the product in Mexico in just 4 days!

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Baader Mk3 MPCC purchase & delivery was so fast I think it's newer today than it was when I paid for it.
31 August 2021  | 

I believe FLO knew I was going to buy this the day before I did! and posted it then. Top marks FLO. The MPCC seems to be working perfectly, 100% plug-n-play for me on a 130PDS. I couldn't be happier, many thanks to the Team at First Light Optics

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4 stars as not tested yet but usual 5 star service from FLO
28 July 2021  | 

Bought for my SW 130 PDS as reviews suggest it reduces coma. Bit pricey for a piece of glass considering the scope is only £90 more. Need some clear skies to test properly.

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Nice for f/5, and no ghosting
13 January 2021  | 

I had this corrector already in the 1990s on an 10" f/4.5, but later sold it. It was good back then. Then I bought another one around 2012, and again it worked well. Actually I had another one which failed the pleiades test - I got ghosting, showing up as red blotches in the field. The Plejades are a very good test due to the bright stars scattered around the field. I then swapped this other brand against the Baader, and no ghosting at all. So definitely recommended!

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Baader Mark-III MPCC Coma Corrector
05 October 2020  | 

Bought this for my Skywatcher 200pds, i went straight to a back focus of 55mm.
Corrected instantly 🙂, no messing about.
Delivered by Flo within 5 working days, with everything going on at the moment that's pretty good 👍

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Coma Reducer
22 February 2019  | 

With my f/5 Newtonian and a camera with an APC-S sensor, this 'reduces' coma. It does not correct it. The same was true for the Mark-II. I can see no discernible difference between the MK-III and the MK-II, despite experimenting with spacing between MPCC and sensor.
This Mark-III allows you to remove the T-thread fitting and open up the larger M48 aperture, which may be advantageous for some. The instructions that are included are very poor and refer to red and yellow boxes, and yet the instructions are in black and white!

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01 November 2018  | 

My first experiences are very positive. The coma did disappear perfectly. The Image is bright and chrisp without any colour deviations. Highly recommended.

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MPCC v. 2?
16 October 2012  | 

Is there a new version of MPCC coming soon? I read there will be a revised version of this coma corrector. Is this the reason why it is largely unavailable in many shops?

FLO Response: We understand the the original factory was washed away in the Japanese tsunami. We will be happy if Baader re-launch an identical product but we won't be surprised if it has a slightly different specification. HTH

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Thanks Baader
23 May 2011  | 

When looking for a coma corrector for my f4.5 flextube, I considered this one from Baader, the skywatcher one and TeleVue's Parracor.

For me this one hits the mark perfectly being very good optically and being only a few pounds more expensive than the Skywatcher one.

I cannot compare the performance of the others but this one is very nice and does what it says on the tin. Baader products have a knack of hitting the right mark and this is yet another example.

So thanks Baader for another nice Astro product.

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