Deep Sky Dad EAF Mount for William Optics Redcat 51

Deep Sky Dad EAF Mount for William Optics Redcat 51

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About this product

Model:  deepskydad_zwo_eaf_redcat
Part Number:  CAT-EAF-KIT

If you are an ASI Air Pro user or already own the ZWO EAF Motor Focuser then this mounting kit will facilitate attaching the EAF to your Redcat 51.

With the aluminium extension block, DAD raised the telescope just high enough to snugly fit the EAF motor between the telescope and the dovetail. This results in a balanced, compact solution, leaving room available for other accessories, for example the William Optics guide scope plate that comes with the SpaceCat. This kit is compatible with 110 and 210 dovetails that come with the cat telescopes.


What's in the box

  • 1x 3D printed mounting plate
  • 1x 3D printed 16T MXL pulley
  • 1x 3D printed helical focuser MXL ring
  • 3x 3D printed mounting plate spacers for tension adjustment
  • 1x MXL timing belt
  • 2x 10mm M3 bolt (for ring)
  • 2x 8mm M4 bolt (for attaching EAF to mounting plate)
  • 2x 16mm M6 bolt (for attaching mounting plate to the dovetail)
  • 2x 50mm M6 bolt (for attaching dovetail and extension block)
  • 1x ALU extension block

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Given my RedCat a new lease of life
15 October 2023  | 

I thought long and hard about whether to invest in this and an EAF. The plans I had for my RedCat (photometry using multiple filters against multiple targets) and I would need an autofocusing solution that was robust and dependable. I'd looked at number of YouTube videos that gave me less than the usual level of confidence I look for but took to the decision anyway - it was either getting the RedCat into play for my photometry work or looking for a completely different and no-doubt expensive solution.

The package arrived 22 hours after placing the order (come on Flo, is that that best you can do??? - seriously, though - awesome service as usual!)

On initial inspection of the package , my thoughts were - "this is just not going to work". The focusser on the RedCat appeared to me to be too stiff and true enough, the belt would simply skid across the fixings on the first attempt. However, after a little extra effort trying using different spacers, it worked and it worked well. Last night, I ran through imaging 6 different calibration fields that involved running an autofocus for each of the 5 different filters. Absolutely no problem at all.

I would give the product 5 stars but in my opinion, the instructions provided with the kit are simply not good enough although YouTube provides the information you need (nice one, Cossmuz Astro). Apart from that, I now have my RedCat doing more than just gathering dust. Good job!

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wrong choice for my redcat51
27 August 2023  | 

I bought this kit because i have a dual setup of Redcat 51. one Redcat uses the starlight feather touch focuser and on the second Redcat i placed the guider , and so on the dovetail i placed the af3 deep sky dad focuser.
I used it couple of times and it worked. the location of the motor on the dovetail , make it impossible to place a dew heater on the RedCat cover above the lens. there isn't any space left between the motor and the scope cover.
Moving on , i was not using the RedCat dual set ups for few months and lately i decided to assemble it again.
This time , opening SGP or NINA and connecting the AF3 Focuser , i couldn't move the motor .
I replaced usb cables , connected the Focuser directly to PC and not through a hub , re-installed the ASCOM driver - nothing helped.
I tried to upgrade the firmware , but it didn't went well.
I find this kit to be made of cheap material and i wish i didn't buy it at the first place.

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EAF Mounting Kit for CAT 51 series scopes
25 May 2023  | 

Kit of parts can be assembled in a few minutes and does exactly what it is supposed to.


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