Deep Sky Dad EAF Mount Kit for Askar FMA230

Deep Sky Dad EAF Mount Kit for Askar FMA230

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Model:  deep_sky_dad_eaf_fma230

The ASKAR FMA230 is a Triplet air-spaced APO refractor, which includes two pieces of ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, providing excellent correction of chromatic aberration. The high-quality optics producing a flatter image with striking clarity, and it is tested to ensure that high standards for astrophotography and observation.

Focusing can be quite a time consuming process even with the Bahtinov mask (especially with narrowband filters). Additionally, focus can shift with temperature change during the night. DAD have solved this for you with their special EAF mounted autofocuser kit, which can compensate for the front movement of the lens during focusing.

The autofocusing motor rests on a special trolley, connected to rails. This keeps the auto focuser pulley in line with the lens focusing ring and enables a balanced, compact solution.

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