Astro Essentials Flexible Dew Shield for 8'' Telescopes
 Astro Essentials Flexible Dew Shield for 8'' TelescopesAstro Essentials Flexible Dew Shield for 8'' Telescopes 

Astro Essentials Flexible Dew Shield for 8" Telescopes

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About this product

Model:  ae_dew_shield_8
Part Number:  ae_dew_shield_8

Astro Essentials premium quality flexible dew shields, made in the UK. 

Robust design using modern materials for high performance and long life!

A dew shield prevents the formation of dew on your telescope optics.

It also prevents stray light from entering the telescope.

Features include an inner black felt liner that reduces reflections for maximum contrast. 

Wrap the dew shield around the end of your telescope tube near the optics and secure it with the integrated Velcro. 

Dimensions are 86cm long and 26cm wide.

Please check the circumference of your telescope to ensure it will provide a good fit (a few cm are necessary for the velcro areas to overlap). 

Note: the photo is representative; the actual size may differ. 


  • Suitable for use with most 8" / 200mm diameter telescopes.
  • Velcro ensures a snug, secure fit.
  • A rubber trim also prevents slippage.
  • Internally flocked with black felt to prevent reflections.
  • Smooth inner fabric protects the telescope's finish (doesn't scratch or mar the surface).
  • Lays flat or rolls up for easy storage.
  • Two years no-fault replacement warranty.

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Works below zero. You'll need this
23 January 2023  | 

Thanks to FLO's advice, I bought this along with my Celestron 8SE. On my first night of observing, I had frost forming on the dew shield but not on the optics, for hours, so job done.
Given the price and the fact that it it cuts down levels of straylight going into the scope, I can't really fault it, other than it might catch the wind a bit, though I can't say I was troubled by the breezes I've had so far.
The velcro can be quite noisy but once you have the size exactly right, you can just pop it on and off the front of the telescope and without having to wake your neighbours with the tearing sound of velcro.
Again thanks to FLO for their high quality service and advice.

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Does the job but heavier than expected
13 January 2023  | 

Fits my Skywatcher 200p reasonably well but I will need to cut some notches into it so I can slide it past spider vane screws as its current position makes my scope top heavy. The item is good quality but will likely need some form of counterweight, especially if using heavy eyepieces.

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09 January 2023  | 

Great addition for my Sky-Watcher 200P-DS. Fits really well and is of good quality. Thanks FLO

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Good, but needs counter weight?!
18 October 2022  | 

I am using it on my 8 inch dobsonian to reduce secondary dew and stray light. It is well made, fits well, works great, however very much imbalances my telescope so I ended up adding a whooping 750g weight to the other end of the tube. I expected it will throw it off balance but not that much the tensioner couldn't handle. Still great and recommended!

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Just the job
29 March 2022  | 

Arrived, as expected from FLO, well packaged and very quickly. Robust material

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Getting the right fitting for a stella lyra 8" scope
25 September 2021  | 

I recently acquired a classic cassegrain 8-inch Stella Lyra telescope. It came from FLO and is a superb instrument. But due to the losmandy and vixen bars on the top and the bottom of the scope, a standard 8 inch dew shield seemed impossible to fit, because the bars would be in effect increasing the circumference of the scope for fitting an 8" shield. As that is so I bought a 9.25" shield by astro essentials and also an 8-inch one, to see if one of them would do. In the final analysis the 8-inch fitted fine, remarkably! But how? With careful arrangement of the material one can just about get it on the end of the scope, even though there is only about an inch of space before the bars get in the way. What I discovered was that, first, you need to fold the dew shield together round as far as it will go on the velcro, so that when you look at it, no velcro is showing at all. Second, the position at which the dew shield now overlaps internally, must be aligned to where the Stella Lyra words are on the side of the scope itself. Third, this overlapping position on the shield, must now be positioned onto the circumference of the OTA first, before you push down the rest of the dew shield. If one does this the fit is so tight that in spite of it only being on the end of the scope by about an inch, it will not fall off. I really do hope my explanation makes sense and helps somebody else out, as they will need a dew shield pretty soon if they have just bought this scope. The astro essentials dew shield itself is excellent and very well made and will do the job nicely I am sure. Thank you. Simon


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