Celestron Dew Heater Ring for SCT
Celestron Dew Heater Ring for SCTCelestron Dew Heater Ring for SCTCelestron Dew Heater Ring for SCT

Celestron Dew Heater Ring for SCT

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About this product

Model:  celestron_94050
Part Number:  94050

Fits all models of Celestron SCT telescopes, from 2006 onwards. 

The Celestron Dew Heater Ring is the ideal dew prevention solution for your Celestron telescope. This must-have accessory will improve your observing or imaging nights year-round. The Dew Heater Ring permanently mounts to your 8" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain, EdgeHD, and RASA optical tube, replacing your retaining ring, so you'll never be caught without it. The installation process is quick and easy (follow the manual for instructions).

How it works

The Dew Heater Ring replaces the plastic retaining ring on your Schmidt corrector lens for efficient heating across the lens. The ring is constructed of lightweight, durable aluminum. Its rigid frame supports the cable circuity and the telescope's Schmidt corrector lens. Unlike other heating bands or strips that inefficiently heat the lens cell to warm the glass, the Celestron Dew Heater Ring heats the corrector glass directly, providing the most efficient transfer of heat to prevent dew formation. 

Simply plug the ring into an external 12V DC power source for consistent, continuous heat that will prevent dew from forming even under heavy dew conditions. The Dew Heater Ring features two storage clips to keep the power and thermistor jacks secure when not in use while accommodating the telescope's dust cover.

The Dew Heater Ring also comes with a cable management clip that connects to the telescope's front cell. Corral the power and thermistor jack to prevent them from dangling and reduce unwanted pulls on the cable connection to the rings.

The Dew Heater Ring comes complete with:

  • Dew Heater Ring
  • Cable management clip
  • Power jack extension cable
  • Paper installation shield

Enhance your setup

To achieve the highest level of dew prevention while maximising power efficiency, we strongly recommend pairing the Dew Heater Ring with a Smart DewHeater Controller (sold separately). The controller uses the ring's built-in thermistor and its internal environmental sensor to provide just the right amount of heat to the corrector to prevent dew based upon the ambient temperature, ambient humidity, and temperature of the Schmidt corrector, which can dramatically reduce the ring’s power draw, greatly increasing battery life. The ring also includes an extension cable for connecting the ring directly to one of the controllers’ heater output ports, or to a third-party controller’s heater output port. (Note: the ring’s integrated thermistor is only compatible with the Celestron Smart DewHeater Controllers).

We also recommend adding a dew shield to your setup. While not mandatory, a shield will cut down on the amount of power the Dew Heater Ring needs to keep the optics clear.


  • Heater ring provides the most efficient heating directly to the corrector lens to prevent the formation of dew
  • Permanently mounts to your existing telescope tube for a seamless look—plus, you’ll never forget to bring it with you
  • Integrated thermistor continuously monitors the temperature of the corrector lens when used with the Celestron Smart DewHeater Controllers.
  • Rigid, lightweight, and durable aluminium construction
  • Included storage clip and cable management clip keep your cables organised


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Celestron Dew Heater
02 July 2023  | 

Only 4 days from U.K to Thailand. Excellent service. Dew heater installed and working good.

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Very good, but you have to disconnect the dew cables to put the dust cover on
29 May 2023  | 

The dew ring works well, it says you can connect direct to 12V - which you can - but it does get pretty hot - much hotter than any dew band I've had - also be aware that whilst you can still use the dust cover you have to disconnect the dew ring from the power/controller as the cables get in the way, so for a permanent set-up it's a bit of a hassle - and you will probably end up modifying the dust cover...

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Dew heater review for Edge 8
01 May 2023  | 

The kit comes complete with everything you need, including a corrector plate protector to stop you accidentally scratching it! Very easy to fit, and works great. Word of caution though, do not tighten the screws too much when the ring is in place. It seems an obvious thing now, but the tolerances on the Edge are so fine that I managed to pinch/distort the optics. Tighten the screws enough that it is secure, and then back off a little.

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Works Great
10 March 2023  | 

Great addition to SCT 11ins i use the ring with a dew shield. Applying heat directly to secondary plate makes this by far the best option for dew prevention on SCT 11ins. Highly recommended and well made durable product.

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Dew Heater Ring
09 March 2023  | 

Ordered item arrived very quickly date and time as expected, very simple to fit only used once since fitting due the weather work extremely well powered and controlled from ASIair Pro

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8 Celestron dew ring
27 January 2023  | 

Fantastic piece of kit. Very easy to fit on your scope, just take your time and give it the due care it deserves. I can choose to run it solely on full at the full 12v or you can also use a standard due controller to control its output. Definitely worth every penny. Fast delivery from FLO as is the norm.

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Celestron dew heater ring.
17 January 2023  | 

Easy to fit. Positioned so that the heater cable is next to the mounting rail, this allows fitting of my original Celestron dew shield. Fast delivery.

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Well made and very effective few removal
31 December 2022  | 

Upon receiving the dew ring for my Celestron C11 I was vey pleased with the quality of manufacturer as I have had some Celestron products also made in China that were not so great, but that is definitely not the case with this item. Fitting to the scope is very easy and I also took the opportunity to clean my corrector plate at the same time. A big bonus is that the supplied power lead uses the same connector as my 20 year old Kendrick dew controller (12v DC with a max of 2.5 Amps) so there was no need to buy the Celestron controller which is fairly expensive. I have used this a couple of times now and it keeps the corrector plate clear in sub zero temps on only about one quarter power so it seems very efficient which is of course the benefit of it being in contact with corrector plate as compared to my old dew straps which went around the outside of the scope. All in all a highly recommended product.

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Best option for Celestron SCT
15 December 2022  | 

This device is the best investment in dew control you can purchase. I only have the band, not the whole control box, but works absolutely perfectly.

With a whole night of over -5 throughout, closing the Observatory as the sun started to rise, the corrector plate was still as clear as when I started the session 12 hours earlier, hence my reason to post this review.

Also, very simple to install, so don't let that put you off going for a dew band, for this type of device, this is clearly the best option.

Rating (max 5):  
25 November 2022  | 

Best Dew heater I have owned. I live in a vale right by a river and have never managed to solve getting completely rid of dew on a 9.25 SCT evolution. I always had around 2 inches in the centre by the secondary mirror. I think partly due to having to wrap my old straps around the dove tail so there was not 100% contact with the OTA and too much wind for dew shields. Whatever the reason this works brilliantly, is a really neat permanent solution. Couldn't be happier. And as always first class service from FLO

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