HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro Compact
HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro CompactHitecAstro Mount Hub Pro CompactHitecAstro Mount Hub Pro Compact

HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro Compact

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About this product

Model:  ha_mount_hub_pro-compact
Part Number:  HitecAstroHubProComp

HitecAstro's 'Mount Hub Pro COMPACT version is the latest product from Hitec Astro that seeks to simplify the process of cable connectivity and arrangement by including three of the most useful accessories inside one tidy package which only requires one power cable and one USB cable, thus reducing the clutter around your setup.

Mount Hub Pro COMPACT Includes:

  • 4 computer controllable output  ports to power all of your equipment.

  • A 3 port computer controllable dew controller

  • An ASCOM compliant digital stepper motor focus controller

  • Hard wearing aluminium housing

  • Cables included

As one power cable leads from your power supply to the 'Mount Hub Pro COMPACT' and one USB cable runs from the controlling PC to the MHP, there is less chance of tripping or getting tangled in lots of cables in the dark.  Power outlets and USB ports to your equipment are then provided so cables no longer dangle where they can cause problems.

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