Lynx Astro 60cm Dew Heater Strap for 6'' Telescopes
Lynx Astro 60cm Dew Heater Strap for 6'' TelescopesLynx Astro 60cm Dew Heater Strap for 6'' TelescopesLynx Astro 60cm Dew Heater Strap for 6'' TelescopesLynx Astro 60cm Dew Heater Strap for 6'' Telescopes

Lynx Astro 60cm Dew Heater Strap for 6" Telescopes

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About this product

Model:  lynxastro_dew_strap_60cm
Part Number:  lynxastro_dew_strap_60cm

Lynx Astro premium quality dew heater straps, made in the UK. 

Robust design using modern materials for high performance and long life!

Simply wrap one around the telescope tube near the optics and secure it there with its integrated Velcro/elastic strap. A gentle heat is then transferred to the optics until the temperature is slightly warmer than the dew point. 

This heater strap is 60cm long, please check the circumference of your telescope first to ensure this will provide a good fit. 

Will I need a Dew Controller? 

A simple 12V Dew Heater Supply Cable can be used to connect the tape to a suitable 12V power-supply. When connected this way, the tape is essentially running on full power. This won't harm the tape, but with smaller telescope apertures, it might result in the optic being warmer than necessary, which can affect the view and waste energy. The solution then is to use a Dew Controller that regulates the heat (also enables you to use more than one heater tape). 


  • Suitable for use with 6" telescopes (60cm long). 
  • Modern heating element provides even heat distribution and low power consumption.
  • Produces 12W of heating power.
  • Requires approximately 1Ah at 12v / full power.
  • Outer thermal insulating layer prevents heat loss.
  • 2m silicone cable remains flexible even at low temperatures.
  • RCA / Phono Plug with moulded strain-relief - works with most dew controllers.
  • Velcro/elastic strap ensures a snug fit.
  • Smooth inner fabric protects the telescope's finish (doesn't scratch or mar the surface).
  • 12v power supply required.
  • Two year no fault replacement warranty.

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great product
01 October 2023  | 

Amazingly, the day it turned up was clear, so I used it the day I got it - I am surrounded by lakes and I'm on grass, my dew shield was helping, but after 3-4 hours it was reaching the corrector which meant the end of my night, last night I had this on at 50% (had no idea what setting to put it on!) and didn't get any dew on the inside of the shield at all even when the rest of the rig was dripping by the end of the night

just to be specific if it helps anyone, had this + an eq6-r plugged into my celestron lithium power tank pro for the night didn't lose a battery light, so I guess between 0 and 24.9% use for 4 hours, less power use than expected

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Good steady warmth from a quality dew band
15 February 2022  | 

Have used the Lynx Astro dew bands for a while on smaller scopes & lenses - I needed one for the larger Esprit - easy task, just picked the appropriate size of the same series
The quality is very good with ideal silicone based insulation lead - perfect for the recent sub zero C nights recently without leads going stiff/brittle
This dew band, although narrow-ish, does an excellent job on the metalwork around the optic keeping that dew from forming
and without overheating it - I am able to fine control the 'heat' level very easily (none of the surging experience with the early cheapo ones I acquired!)
I certainly recommend this product - Super service from FLO - always good advice

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It works- what more could I ask for
08 April 2021  | 

The primary mirror on my SW 150P Newtonian has remained dew free since I started using this.
I just need to practice a bit of cable management now!


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