Askar Losmandy Style 200mm Dovetail
Askar Losmandy Style 200mm DovetailAskar Losmandy Style 200mm DovetailAskar Losmandy Style 200mm Dovetail

Askar Losmandy Style 200mm Dovetail

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About this product

Model:  askar_ldp_200_or
Part Number:  LDP200-orange

Askar Losmandy compatible dovetail plates include a wide choice of holes and slots for attaching your telescope and accessories.

Each plate is made of a lightweight aluminium alloy and is resistant to scratches due to its high quality anodised finish.
The dovetail plate is compatible with a wide array of telescope tube rings and the heavy-duty design ensures the Askar Losmandy-style dovetail has excellent load capacity.
With more mounting slots predrilled on the plate, users can adjust the spacing between tube rings, thus allowing for fine tuning of balance.

The plate also includes four half-threaded holes tapped close to the edge of width, two on each side respectively. When you put four screws from the bottom, the screws will prevent the dovetail plate from accidental slippage when placed on an EQ mount. 

  • Length: 200mm
  • Weight: 600g


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