Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope Mount
Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope MountParamount MX+ Robotic Telescope MountParamount MX+ Robotic Telescope Mount
Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope MountParamount MX+ Robotic Telescope MountParamount MX+ Robotic Telescope Mount

Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope Mount

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Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope Mount Paramount MX+

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About this product

Model:  paramount_mx
Part Number:  SB10214

The Paramount MX+ is a large mount that is well suited to both portable and permanent setups. 

With an instrument capacity of 45kg and a head weight of 23kg the MX+ is ideal as a mount for both portability and permanent installations. 

**Our current stock of MX+ mounts are priced at the Pre Bisque Price Increase. Once sold the retail price will increase to £10,220**

The mount itself is a unibody construction made to a very high standard from high-grade aluminium. 

Features include belt-driven aluminium gears with spring-loaded brass worms to eliminate backlash. This enables the mount to achieve less than 7 arc second peak-to-peak periodic error. 

When coupled with Software Bisque's professional-level software suite, the Paramount MX+ can be PEC corrected to deliver amazingly low levels of periodic error.

The Paramount MX+ overcomes many of the problems experienced other astrophotography setups. It is capable of tracking two hours past the meridian, potentially eliminating the need to do a meridian flip during an imaging session. It also features an integral 2 port USB2.0 hub near the camera end of the mount. This reduces the number of wires strung between the mount and a computer.

The mount also features Software Bisque's Versa-Plate which has been engineered to accept almost any mounting system. Coupled with the mount's heavy-duty capacity, the Paramount MX+ is capable of precise operation with a 14-inch telescope fitted with a full set of astrophotography accessories.

With Paramount's high-end telescope control hardware, the MX+ is able to track and slew with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Precious imaging time will not be wasted trying to centre poorly slewed targets.

Together with the included T point and Camera Control add-on's  the MX+ achieves superb pointing accuracy and full control over your astro imaging.


  • 45kg instrument capacity
  • Unibody mount that weighs 23kg
  • Maximum 7 arc second peak-to-peak periodic error before correction
  • USB2.0 computer to mount control interface
  • Onboard USB2.0 hub near camera end of the mount to reduce cable clutter
  • Belt-driven gears with spring loaded worm to virtually eliminate backlash
  • Versatile mounting plate
  • 30 arc second all sky pointing accuracy
  • Clutchless design maintains T Point assisted pointing accuracy
  • Mount automatically stops when it hits something solid (such as the tripod)

Mount & Tripod Weights and Dimensions

  • Weight of the mount: 23kg
  • Counterweight shaft: 41 x 3.81cm 

What's in the box

  • 2 x 20lb (9kg) counterweights
  • 48V power supply
  • PC to mount cabling
  • TheSkyX Pro with Camera and T Point add ons

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Solid premium mount
28 June 2022  | 

About 12 years ago I bought a Losmandy GM-8. 4 years ago I bought an Avalon Linear. I have nothing bad to say about either mount. They are both still working great. The Avalon in particular is a fantastic portable mount that can carry 20kgs. I decided to finally build a roll off roof in the back garden and wanted a premium observatory grade mount that could carry 40-50kgs as I only had room for a single pier and wanted a dual scope setup. I couldnít justify the premium for absolute encoders. I have no issues with guiding and the lure of un-guided doesnít interest me. AP had just bumped there prices and you couldnít get an EQ-8 Rh. So I went with an MX+. For me TheSkyX was a drawback but modelling was of interest to me. After a bit of use Iím happy with my purchase. PEC training was easy with the new Train PEC option. Out of the box I had 3.5Ē peak to peak and that was reduced to well under 1Ē. So happy with that. Modelling is straight forward and TheSkyX plays nicely with NINA which is my preferred acquisition software. With all my testing so far and with PEC and ProTrack enabled Iím getting 0.35Ē RMS with PHD2 (5 sec exposures). Granted thatís on a better than average night of seeing. Thatís comparable to my Avalon. However my Avalon has to guide with 1 sec exposures and issues a correction on almost every exposure. With the MX+ I see a correctly maybe every 20-30 seconds. Which is very impressive and Iím sure you could get 2-3 mins un-guided if that interested you with a bit more tweaking. Overall very happy with this mount. Itís beautifully machined and looks the part as well which is important to some.


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