Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTiSky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTiSky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi
Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTiSky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTiSky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi

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Steve Ringwood writing for Astronomy Now Magazine.

"I can remember well the excitement in the imaging community when SkyWatcher's Star Adventurer astro-imaging mount first appeared. Its like had not been seen before, although it has since spawned many imitators.

Sky-Watcher continue to rejuvenate their original astro-imaging mount with this latest version, the GTi, incorporating an efficient Wi-Fi and auto-guiding interface, as well as an integrated pole-finding-scope, a programmable control for your DSLR, and smartphone control via the free SynScan Pro app. With Go-To capability and provision for an optional handset, this plucky little mount (weighing less than five kilograms including the counterweight) resembles a pocket-sized, high-spec equatorial mount rather than a camera platform.

It can tote visual or imaging configurations of up to five kilograms in an impressively compact package, providing a raft of tracking speeds in addition to the standard lunar, solar and sidereal rates.

The SynScan Pro app, as always, is full of functionality, including its massive database of stellar, deep-sky and planetary objects. It even offers remote control over the Internet!"  

About this product

Model:  sw_star_adv_gti_mnt
Part Number:  20326

The NEW Star Adventurer GTi is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a compact portable mount for visual astronomy or astrophotography.  

Features include an integral illuminated polar scope for precise alignment, interfaces for USB, autoguider, optional SynScan hand controller and SNAP shutter control for your DSLR (programmable via Sky-Watcher’s free SynScan Pro app for iOS and Android). It also features a dual-position counterweight bar for use at low latitudes and full smartphone control via Wi-Fi. 

With the added Go-To feature plus multiple tracking rates (including lunar, solar, and sidereal), the night sky is yours to capture and explore.

With its 5kg payload capacity, the Star Adventurer GTi is well-equipped to handle a DLSR or mirrorless camera with a wide-angle or telephoto lens plus accessories, a compact astrograph telescope dedicated astronomy camera, or simply an OTA for visual use via its 45mm dovetail saddle. 

Now includes 0.7 kg & 1.6 kg counterweights (pre-June 2023 models included a single 2.3 kg counterweight). 

Available as a mount only or complete with tripod and pier extension.


  • Full GoTo performance in a portable Star Adventurer mount
  • Lightweight equatorial mount for deep space, widefield, and nightscape astrophotography
  • 5 kg (11 lb) payload capacity
  • Multiple pre-programmed tracking rates, including sidereal, solar, and lunar
  • Interfaces: USB, autoguider (ST4), SynScan hand controller, and a SNAP port for DSLR shutter control programmable via the free SynScan Pro app
  • Control with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or with the optional SynScan hand box
  • Built-in illuminated polar scope for precise alignment
  • Dual counterweight positions for use at low latitudes
  • Powered by eight AA batteries (not included) or an external source via a 2.1 DC 12v port
  • V-style dovetail
  • Lifetime free firmware upgrades
  • 3/8-inch tripod mount
  • Star Adventurer GTi steel tripod and pier extension included 
  • Optional shutter release cable and ball head adapter

Weights & dimensions

Max payload capacity: 5kg (11 lb)
Mount head size : 227mm x 227mm x 125mm (8.9" x 8.9" x 4.9")
Counterweight bar length & diameter : 213mm & 20mm
Latitude range : 0-70 degrees
Mount power port size & type: 2.1mm female
Internal batt pack: hold 8x AA batts
Counterweights:  0.7 & 1.6 kg (1.5 & 3.5 lb)
Tripod mounting thread: 3/8"
Tripod heights (retracted/extended): 68cm/113cm (26.75"/44.5")
Tripod weight: 2.49kg (5.5 lb)
Pier Extension height:  21.6cm (8.5")
Shipping weight:  13.6kg (30 lb)
Shipping Dimensions :  1118mm x 330mm x 229mm (44" x 13" x 9")

What's in the box

  • Adventurer GTi Mount Head
  • Illuminated Polar Scope
  • Counterweight Shaft
  • 2.3kg Counterweight
  •  Optional (supplied with the tripod package option):
    • Stainless Steel Tripod
    • Accessory Tray
    • Extension Pier

Customer reviews

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Fantastic Tracker Goto Function is Amazing
16 September 2023  | 

Recently I upgrade my Star Adventurer from a 2i to a GTi and the difference is amazing.

The goto functionality alone works really well and saves so much time. The unit its self is well built (apart from the battery compartment which can be a pain at times) and the addition of a fairly flexible intervalometer is a nice touch too.

I unpacked the unit set it up and mounted my camera on it, after polar alignment (which is simple especially as this unit has the illuminating led is now inside the polar scope) and then performed and alignment, this is both very easy and pretty accurate (even a 1 star alignment works pretty well)

I am generally very happy with this product, I would recommend running it from a power supply rather than batteries though.

FLO have been very helpful in this process they are an outstanding supplier and in my opinion second to none.

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Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi
14 May 2023  | 

I found out about FLO from another member on the learning Astrophotography FB group. They proved to be a professional and reliable vendor. I had been in a holding pattern for over 3 months for a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi mount in the USA with no end in sight. FLO had inventory and completed my order so quickly that I would never have guessed it was sent from overseas had I not known that it was.

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fantastic little mount + surprised how good the tripod is
15 April 2023  | 

This mount has been out of stock everywhere for a while now, but preordered with FLO and very happy at how quickly it was delivered after it came back in - thank you

I am in the middle of setting this up for first light tonight and so far my impressions are very positive:
- The mount itself is definitely small enough that you could put it in a backpack and travel with it (although you probably don't want to pack the counterweights)
- I read a bit online about how the counterweight was too heavy to balance a very light setup, to my surprise rather than a single 5lb counterweight this came with 1.5lb and a 3.5lb counterweights. Sky-Watcher must have realised this was an issue and fixed it
- I am unsure what it's called, but the mount came with a "printer" USB cable. I have tested this out by plugging it into an ASIAIR (pick EQMOD mount) and it was detected/does it's magic immediately. Super happy about this
- everything feels high quality and sturdy. The dials are all big and can see they would be easy to use even with gloves
- I had very low expectations for the tripod, but I'm actually quite happy with it. For a less than 100 tripod it's very sturdy and definitely going to be good enough for any load going on here.

a few "hmmm don't like that"'s:
- there is a really rubbish cap that fits over the polar scope. it connects in to where the battery packs go and while I have batteries in the mount I can't even clip the cap in properly. I will bodge some fix to this, but it's such a strange thing to do
- the tripod is sturdier than I expected, but the flip side is you're probably not going to be taking this tripod on a plane
- there is no spirit level on the mount, but I guess that's a very minor grumble
- I had a quick try to power the mount via an ASIAIR but couldn't get it to work. The manual says (a lot!!) that the preferred option is to use batteries, so I'm doing that for now and revisit this later.

Overall, what a great little mount for 600!

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Star adventurer gti
01 September 2022  | 

What a brilliant tracker light and very portable
The sale with flo was outstanding I was sent the product the minute it was back in stock
Great delivery time well packaged and I was informed throughout by flo of the time of delivery and tracking
Very pleased will buy all my astrophotography items here in future


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