Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy Mount
Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy MountSky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy MountSky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy Mount
Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy MountSky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy MountSky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy Mount

Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy Mount

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About this product

Model:  skywatcher-eq6r-pro-20855
Part Number:  20855

The latest model, with a USB port. 

Sky-Watcher's EQ6-R Pro Synscan builds upon the earlier EQ6 Pro mount with a slew of new features that appeal to astro-imagers! 

Includes a computerised Synscan GOTO handset, which enables you to point your telescope to 42,000+ night sky objects or tour the skies at the touch of a button. 


The EQ6-R has a higher payload, is belt driven (reduces backlash and improves guiding), has a redesigned body with a carry handle (easier to transport and set up) and improved latitude adjustment (more sturdy and effective over a broader range of latitudes). It uses an RJ45 plug for the handset connection (better than the DSUB used by the EQ6, especially in the dark!) and a screw-on power connector (more secure and reliable than the NEQ6 PRO's push-fit power connector). It also features a USB port and a new 'SNAP' camera control port so you can fire a DSLR camera automatically from the mount. 


  • Increased Payload capacity of 20kg for Astro-Photography (manufacturer's spec')
  • Synchronous Belt Driven for reduced backlash, smoother operation, and better guiding results.
  • Higher Torque.
  • Improved Latitude adjustment controls with a greater range of latitudes possible.
  • SNAP camera control port.
  • USB port.
  • PPEC worm gear and worm periodic error correction function (avoids having to constantly re-train).
  • Integral carrying handle for convenient transportation and setup.
  • Dual-fit 45mm (Vixen-style) or 75mm (Losmandy-style) dovetail saddle. 

What's in the box

  • EQ6-R Mount
  • 2" Stainless Steel Tripod
  • 2x 5kg Counterweights
  • Polar Alignment Scope
  • Synscan Handset & Cable
  • 12v DC Cigarette Power Cable


Product Name EQ6-R PRO Synscan™
Mount Type German Equatorial
Maximum Payload (Counterweights excluded) 20kg (for Astro-Photography)
Latitude Adjustment Range 5º to 65º
Azimuth Adjustment Range About ±9 º
Mount Weight (Tripod excluded) 17.3 kg
Counterweights Supplied 2 x 5kg
Tripod Supplied 2-inch stainless steel, 7.5kg Weight
Counterweight Rod 18mm Diameter, Length 240mm + 180mm
Power Requirement DC11~16V 4A
Motors 1.8 º Hybrid Stepper Motors
Transmission 180:1 Worm Drive + 48:12 Timing Belt Drive + 64 Micro-step/1.8º Stepper Motor Drive
Gear Ratio 720
Resolution 9216000 Counts/Rev., approx. 0.14 arc-second
Maximum Slewing Speed 4.2 degrees/second
Tracking Rate Sidereal rate, solar rate, lunar rate
Tracking Mode Equatorial mode
Auto-guiding Speed 0.125X, 0.25X, 0.5X, 0.75X, 1X
PEC 100 Segments Permanent PEC (PPEC)
Hand Controller SynScan™
Database 42000+ Objects
Celestial Object Catalogue Messier, NGC, IC, SAO, Caldwell, Double Star, Vari-able Star, Named Star, Planets
Pointing Accuracy Up to 5 arc-minutes (RMS)
Camera Control Integral SNAP camera control port
Saddle Dual-Fit 45mm/75mm Dovetail Saddle
Included Polar Alignment Scope

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Mount Manual (PDF)

Customer reviews

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Great bit of kit. Heavy.
24 July 2023  | 

The title of this review is pretty much what this longer review boils down to. I've managed to hook it up to my m1 Macbook. With both my 1.25" camera + AstroDMX, kstars and Synscan Pro (Quite a lot of programs running but it is worth it and couldn't get it to work any other way.) I've managed to sort out a reliable plate solving setup. I'll get the wifi dongle soon and can cut the cables down to just the camera. The illuminated polar scope is very useful, although mine was almost perfect collimation-wise, the lens seemed dirty from out of the box - no biggy but annoying. I've gone from a dobsonian set up to this and it's like night and day - so smooth, so easy. I've used the go-to function and love it, but the fact I can release the clutches and star hop to find stuff like I did on my dobsonian mount is great and so much easier and what I find fun - I wish it would keep it's alignment when you do - but I've been using it almost 75% in manual so again no biggy. I'm using goto for when I want to take good looks at little things like planets (well they're kinda big but you know what I mean) but having an EQ mount makes it so easy to track manually!

My 3D printer has been hooked up with some PA12 (Nylon) and fusion360 open basically non-stop since I got it, designed and made some new (bigger and easier) knobs and replaced the genuinely ridiculous altitude knob that you have to push in to turn - I'm sure there's a good reason for it that is beyond me, I'm a novice so I understand, but it really is ridiculous... especially as it just flops about when putting it in it's bag, getting caught - I want to leave the alt bolts in, I can't with the stock knob. 6 hours, 60g of very strong nylon and an m4 bolt later, perfect!

The good:
- Well built
- Quiet
- USB option opens up so many possibilities
- Very easy to set up from a novice stand point
- Power port is a positive locking screw thing, really nice

The not-so-good
- That altitude knob is odd.
- My built in bubble level was not seated properly and thus totally wrong
- Very heavy head. but not prohibitively so.
- The Synscan Hand Controller fell through a traversable wormhole from the 80s. RJ11 as a data connection in 2023 is an.. uh, choice. There's an RJ45 right next to it! Why not two of them?

I got three things with it that are in my opinion essential - Right angle polar scope eyepiece, new power cable (lynx one) and a bag for the head.

All in all the short comings are easy to fix on an incredibly good bit of kit.

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1st prop eq mount
14 May 2023  | 

What can I say other than worth every penny. I upgraded from my trusty SW Star Adventurer and what a difference. Once I had my home position dialed in and location coords it worked flawlessly. After a 2 star alignment it got me pointing directly at m51 when picked on the handset. Build quality is second to none. Very pleased. And Thank you Alex for all your help. A credit to FLO.

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Rock solid mount providing excellent tracking. Great value.
18 April 2023  | 

I've used this mount for 3 years with 2 different telescopes (8" SCT and 540mm refractor). I found accurate balancing difficult initially, especially in the DEC axis because the clutches/main bearings seemed to be over-tightened. Even so, straight out of the box it produced tracking at 2arcsec or better. With experience I learned to tune the mount properly. After releasing and correctly re-tightening the main bearings, getting accurate balance was far easier. With PEC training and PHD2 guiding it routinely delivered less than 1arcsec and on a good night 0.3-0.5arcsec, which seems outstanding for a mount in this price range. After 2 years, one of the tripod leg tightening levers sheared the threads inside the tripod leg and revealed what seems to be a weakness in that bit of the design, hence the 4 rather than 5 star rating. Now working off a solid pier, the performance is even better. It's never failed electronically and in every other respect is a first-class mount, delivering outstanding results.

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Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO
07 February 2023  | 

My Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO arrived around Christmas 2022. Extremely happy with its performance and addition to my HEQ5. Performs flawlessly with my ASIair plus. Even during extreme cold nights, minus 20 to 22 degrees Celsius in Iceland. My ASIair plus is also a life - saver in such winter nights...thanks FLO for the reccomendations..

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Skywatcher EQ6R
21 December 2022  | 

Love this mount, well designed and weighty for maximum rigidity. I bought this mount to futureproof my my astrophotography, so not to worry about overloading it. I will keep my AZEQ5 GOTO for my WO71. The EQ6R will mainly be used for the C8 edge. I also recently purchased the synscan wifi dongle. This item works as a replacement hand controller via a smartphone or tablet. This is a worthwhile addition to ether mount. FLO have been first class in both technical advice and delivering the products. They are the first choice for me.

Rating (max 5):  
EQ6-R is a Top Notch
08 December 2022  | 

With the EQ6-R, I captured one of my favorite astrophotography images. FLO were excellent, as usual. Very fast shipping to Kuwait only in 2 days.

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Great product and service
17 October 2022  | 

Not had much chance to use the mount but what I can say is that it's all set up and works as expected. Great bit of kit.
Service from FLO was top notch as usual, delivery time was excellent and the product arrived in great condition. Thank you.

Rating (max 5):  
Its good but ..
03 June 2022  | 

I've had mine for over 18 months now. Here's what I found
The head unit is very heavy and well built, although I did have an issue with the electronics inside (swiftly fixed by FLO) it does have a couple of niggles.
Why would you have the power come out at 90 deg, its just begging to be snagged on a able bashed by your hand etc. Eventually it'll fail.
Clutch release is too hit and miss. how tight is too tight?
And finally for the head unit no dust/water protection on the sockets.
The tripod is sturdy but the locking bolts on the legs are a joke. You have to , what seems to be, over tighten them just to stop it slipping.
The power cable is so inflexible. For very little extra they could of used silicon instead of the rubbish they supplied
Perhaps its the engineer in me that is the issue.
Apart from all those little things, and they are little its a great mount

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Great service and delivery for my EQ6-R Pro mount
14 May 2022  | 

Even though listed as out of stock but more expected soon. The EQ6-R was processed and delivered ahead of schedule...both boxes delivered in good condition to my location in south La., USA... mount assembled and tested without any problems... Thanks to the folks at FLO !!

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Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO Go-To Astronomy Mount
29 March 2022  | 

Delivery was rapid & parcel tracking worked well. Product packing is excellent. Assembly is straight forward, but this is a hefty mount so handling is best done with 2 people. All the components wrked as described. I am so far trying to work out how to put this mount on a pre-existing concrete pillar inside my existing dome.

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Q1. What is the EQ6-R payload capacity?

The recommended payload capacity is 20kg for astro-photography.

Q2. How much does the mount weigh?

The EQ6-R Pro mount weighs 17.3kg without the tripod. The tripod weighs 7.5kg.

Q3. Can the EQ6-R mount accept Losmandy style dovetails?

Yes - it has a dual fit saddle which can accept Vixen-style 45mm or 75mm Losmandy-style dovetails.