Skywatcher Equinox 80 ED PRO OTA

Skywatcher Equinox 80 ED PRO OTA
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Model:  equinox80
Part Number:  10983
Brand:  Skywatcher


Latest model, includes shoe for finderscope. 

Please note: Other models are available with the same tube assembly but inferior optics, this is the one with Ohara FPL-53 fluorite glass for the ED element and German Schott glass for the Crown element.

Each objective is finished by hand and undergoes both a Ronchi test and artificial star test.

“We took five, two-minute exposures of the Pleiades & Andromeda galaxy which were then stacked and image-enhanced using K3CCD tools. They gave a tremendous amount of detail – in fact they were the best images of these objects I have ever taken…”The view was pin-sharp across 85 percent with the 20mm lens and there was no apparent colour fringing at all around the stars”…Overall the refractor performed well on all tasks. It would make a top quality addition to any astronomers scope collection!

Sky at Night Magazine Review for Equinox 80 ED APO


Equinox-80 PRO
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x240
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 80mm
  • Telescope Focal Length: 500mm (f/6.25)
  • Supplied without Eyepieces and Star Diagonal
  • Dual-Speed 11:1 Backlash-Free 2” Crayford Focuser
  • With adjustable focus-tension & 360° Rotatable
  • 2” to 1.25” Eyepiece adaptor (with Brass Compression Rings)
  • Retractable Dewshield (with aluminium cap)
  • Multi-Coated Objective Lens
  • Standard ¼-20 Tripod Bush (will accept Sky-Watcher dovetail bars)
  • Foam-Lined aluminium Carrying/Storage Case
Adjusting focuser tension

There are currently no specifications available for this product.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017  | 

A recent purchase still in the commissioning stages! On a Sky Tee 11 mount, so far used only with a low mag 18mm EP. Results are excellent. Eventual use will be primarily deep sky.The tripod foot is easily removed and I have used the Skywatcher 90mm rings to mount it, using the smallest Skywatcher dovetail bar which fits perfectly; this means that the lens hood has to remain extended though. Hefty, solid, quality item, relly pleased!

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Great quality scope
Wednesday, 8 January 2014  | 

Recently purchased this scope with a great service from FLO so thanks for that.

The scope itself did not disappoint, it has a beautiful finish and a solid build. You do need to buy a diagonal to be able to use this scope for observing, as without one you cannot achieve focus due to it being designed for photography, however i primarily use it for imaging and this is where it truly shines. I am new to astrophotography but using this scope coupled with a reducer/flattener i was able to take some stunning wide-field photos of M31 and M42 with ease, showing great detail, crisp colour and thousands of pinpoint stars.

I had read that this scope and the Evostar Pro suffer from slippage on the focuser when heavy DSLRs are attached but i have had no such issues so far, even when imaging at the zenith, perhaps this may be an issue in the future with further wear and tear. The dual speed of the focuser is smooth and also makes for easy fine focussing of the image and also comes with a scale marker so you know exactly where your focus point is.

My only issue with this package would be with the case, although externally it is nice to look at with the Skywatcher logo printed in bold black letters, inside leaves something to be desired with a lack of foam lining at the base and the use of cardboard (yes cardboard) as 'protection'. For a 500 of pound scope you would think Skywatcher could foam it up a bit. This does not however retract anything away from the scope itself which looks the business sat on my HEQ5 pro mount.

All in all very happy.

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Excellent build quality
Tuesday, 12 March 2013  | 

This is really high quality built scope. The optics are identical to the Evostar ED80 and I was not sure if I should pay the extra just for the build quality. but now that I have it in hand, I can say it definitely worth every penny.
The quality of optics are fantastic, and the dual speed focuser is very smooth and robust.
I purchased the SkyWatcher Field Flattener for this scope and it seems to be the perfect match.

FLO response: Thank-you for your review. The optics use the same Japanese Ohara FPL53 and German Schott glass as the Evostar ED80 but the Equinox objective has a faster f-ratio.

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