Skywatcher Esprit 150 ED PRO Triplet

Skywatcher Esprit 150 ED PRO Triplet
Pre-Dispatch Optical Bench Test:  


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Model:  esprit-150
Part Number:  10234
Brand:  Skywatcher



  • Esprit Telescope OTA
  • Storage Cases
  • 2 Dielectric Star Diagonal
  • 28mm 2 LET Eyepiece
  • 9x50 Right-Angled Erect Image Finderscope
  • Losmandy 'D' Style Dovetail Mounting Bar
  • Tube Rings

Es Reid Optical Bench Test

Following a number of requests we are offering an Es Reid optical bench test for Esprit telescopes.

Es Reid is highly regarded in the optical industry so if you purchase his optical bench test you can be confident your telescope will, from the outset, have well figured optics, negligible false colour and spherical aberration, and no astigmatism (the bane of any optical system!). Star shapes will be round, not triangular, oval or egg-shaped!

Because most Esprit telescopes test AOK out-of-the-box (only a small number require adjustment) this extra layer of quality control adds only £75 to the purchase price.

You know it makes sense :-)

A pre-dispatch optical bench test is now available for this telescope, for details see here

The new Sky-Watcher Professional ESPRIT 3-Element ED apochromatic refractors offer optical performance rivaling or exceeding similar telescopes from even the most famous high-end brands.

Designed primarily for demanding astro-imagers wanting high-contrast images full of detail and zero detectable colour fringing, even on the brightest of objects!  

Review of Skywatcher Esprit-150  

"... the Esprit 150ED is an overall great performer offering excellent results. A price tag of £5,499 is not insignificant but is reasonable considering the premier optics and aperture and offers strong competition to the established refractors from Takahashi and TEC. The optics feature a high level of correction across the field and star images through all filters were tight and consistent thanks to its superb colour correction. The relatively lightweight construction means it will be suitable for use with all mid-range mounts and is certainly portable enough to carry out to darker skies."  Nik Szymanek writing for Astronomy Now magazine

An M48-fitting optically-matched doublet field flattener is also available to flatten the field and minimize aberration and distortion. When used with the field flattener the Esprit-150's imaging circle is 44mm.

The M48 fitting provides a large clear aperture to reduce halation and a precision thread ensures the triplet and doublet lens groups are precisely aligned on the optical axis perpendicular to the image.  

Main Features:

  • 3-Element Objective Lens, Focal Length 1050mm (one Ohara FPL-53 and 2 x Schott lenses)
  • 3” CNC Machined 11:1 Rotatable Dual-Speed Linear Power Focuser
  • Excellent field flatness across a 44mm imaging circle when used with the optically-matched field flattener 
  • Zero detectable Colour Fringing even on Bright Objects
  • Metallic High-Transmission Lens Coatings
  • Knife-edge Baffled Optical System
  • High-precision Mechanical Components
  • Aluminium OTA material (superior to plain carbon-fibre for this application)
  • Retractable Dew Shield

3” Dual Speed Linear Power Focuser

  • 3” LPF with 2” and 1.25” eyepiece adaptors and indexed scale
  • Zero focus-shift during focusing
  • High Load Capacity - holds up to 5kg of accessories whilst focusing and up to 10kg when locked.
  • New drawtube with steel sheet held by four large bearings makes focusing smoother than ever
  • The smooth focus motion and 11:1 fine focus wheel allows precision adjustment and critical focusing of eyepieces & cameras
  • Patent-pending design

Accessories Supplied:  

2” Dielectric Star Diagonal, 28mm 2” LET Eyepiece, 9x50 Right-Angled Erect Image Finderscope, Tube Rings and Dovetail Mounting Bar. 


Tim Jardine's image of IC1396 made using an Esprit-150, Atik 460ex Mono and Baader narrowband filters. 

For hi-res version please click image 

There are currently no specifications available for this product.

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First light was great
Sunday, 22 April 2018  | 

I am loosing astro darkness up here in Sweden but I managed to image the Needle galaxy and the Esprit 150 really impresses

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Sky-Watcher at the top of their game
Thursday, 3 November 2016  | 

It took a leap of faith to invest in this top of the range instrument from Sky-Watcher but I made a good call! Beautifully engineered with exquisitely figured optics, first light has not disappointed - the field of view is wonderfully flat with my KAF 8300 sensor which was a major reason for purchasing this particular telescope.
Although I ordered the FeatherTouch R & P focuser to go with it, I have to say that the OEM R & P focuser looks pretty good too.
A very pleasant surprise is how evenly illuminated the FOV is with this relatively large sensor with minimal apparent vignetting.
This is a hefty instrument with a relatively long focal length (1070mm with the field flattener in use) so it does require a substantial mount for imaging purposes.

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