Explore Scientific 152mm f/4.8 Carbon Fibre Maksutov Newtonian Telescope

Explore Scientific 152mm f/4.8 Carbon Fibre Maksutov Newtonian Telescope


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Model:  es_152mn_cf
Part Number:  4852740
Brand:  Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific


  • Telescope OTA
  • 8x50 Illuminated Finderscope
  • Tube rings with Handle
  • Vixen-style Dovetail
  • 30mm Widefield Eyepiece

Highly corrected 152mm f/4.8 Maksutov Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Fibre Tube.

Maksutov-Newtonian telescopes have an optical design made entirely from spherical surfaces.  Spherical surfaces are perfect for mass production, they can easily and affordably be ground and polished to a very high surface accuracy.  By comparison, a fast Newtonian's mirror must have steep parabolic curves that are considerably more difficult to manufacture so, unless you spend significantly more, you cannot achieve the same high surface-finish accuracy.  The Mak-Newt's closed tube is also less prone to air currents and the mirror is protected from the elements.  The only downsides are increased weight (though this is largely offset by the lighter carbon-fibre tube) the front corrector lens attracts dew (you'll need a dew-heater-tape) and the scope takes longer to cool, otherwise the design and performance is superior to a regular Newtonian in every way. 

David Levy's reputation as a Comet and Asteroid Hunter needs little introduction in Astronomical circles: he has discovered 22 Comets and 41 Asteroids, many with the use of his beloved Minerva - a 6-inch f/4 Newtonian Reflector. Levy had mused that had he the opportunity to redesign the instrument that he'd opt for closer to an f/5 system, in order to improve off-axis star images. 

Explore Scientific decided to join forces with the veteran observer and help him develop this completely new instrument - the Explore Scientific David H Levy Comet Hunter 152mm Carbon Fibre Maksutov Newtonian. Plumping for an f/4.8 design, this instrument is capable of delivering huge fields of view - 2 degrees or more of the night sky. At such a short focal length, it lends itself particularly well to widefield astrophotography.

The Comet Hunter is constructed using thermally inert and extremely robust - yet very light - carbon fibre. The whole telescope weighs in at around 8kg, and being so light, puts very little strain on mounts compared to other instruments of similar aperture. The tube is heavily baffled and internally blackened, offering fantastic contrast and a 2" graduated 10:1 Crayford focuser comes as standard. The Comet Hunter also comes with a brilliant 8x50 erect image illuminated finder, two seats for the finder or additional piggybacked accessories and extension tubes.

Sky and Telescope's Dennis de Cicco wrote in his review of the instrument, "I found a lot to like about the David H Levy Comet Hunter… the scope offers first-class performance for observers and astrophotographers. And I'm particularly impressed with its quality of construction."

A percentage of the profit from the sale of the Explore Scientific David H Levy Comet Hunter goes directly to David's own Sharing the Sky Foundation, a not-for-profit outreach organisation dedicated to Astronomy. A great technical telescope with an ethical edge too! 


  • Highly corrected Maksutov Newton
  • Aperture 152mm; Focal length 740mm
  • Carbon fiber tube for superior rigidity and low weight
  • Thermal focus shift very close to zero due to carbon tube
  • Excellent performance without additional corrector for visual and astrophotos up to APS-C
  • Handle with camera mounting feature
  • Universal Vixen-style 44mm Dovetail plate with stainless steel rail
  • Excellent erect image straight through finder scope with wireless illiminator and adjustable brightness

Product Specifications

Optical DesignMaksutov-Newtonian
Clear Aperture152mm
Secondary Obstruction49mm; 32% Obstruction
Primary Mirror Diameter152mm
Secondary Mirror Diameter (M.A.)46mm
Focal Length731mm
Focal Ratiof/4.8
Resolving Power.77 arc seconds
CoatingsEMD (Enhanced Multilayer Deposition) Coatings
Limiting Stellar Magnitude13.4
Maximum Practical Visual Power360x
Lowest Useful Visual Power22.8x
FocuserTen-to-One 2-Speed Crayford-Style, w/ Adjustable Tension and Lock
Viewfinder8x50 Straight; Correct Image
Illuminated Reticle; Adjustable Objective and Eyepiece Focus
Dual-Ring, Six-Point, Bracket w/Quick Release Shoe
CradleDual Clamp-Ring Style with Built-In Handle
Saddle PlateVixen-style. One-Piece Machined Aluminum Extrusion
Tube Diameter180mm
Tube Length696mm
Tube ConstructionCarbon Fibre; Aluminum; Stainless Steel
Dewshield Inner Diameter6.875"
Optical Tube Assembly Weight15.4 lbs.; 7 kgs.
Shipping Carton Dimensions95 x 40 x 49 cm;
37.5" x 19.5" x 16"
Shipping Weight 54 lbs; 24.5 kg

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