Explore Scientific 82 Series Eyepieces
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Explore Scientific 82 Series Eyepieces

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About this product

Model:  es_82_6-7mm
Part Number:  0218806

Explore Scientific's 82° eyepieces are essentially Ultra-Wide-Angle versions of their hugely popular 68° Series. This is good because they deliver the same impressive optical characteristics, over a wider Apparent Field Of View. Suitable for use with telescopes f-ratios f5 and above.  

Visually the 82° FOV, long eye-relief and foldable rubber eye-cup provides a remarkably relaxed and immersive experience, even when wearing eyeglasses. 

Low dispersion glasses with high refractive index and anti-reflection multilayer coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces provide maximum light transmission and high contrast. Blackened lens edges and internal baffling also enhance contrast and minimise ghosting from internal reflections. 

Sealed waterproof construction and an Argon gas-purged interior protect the eyepiece from rain or dew and and eliminates internal condensation to ensure the optics remain pristine. 

The tapered nosepiece (1.25" or 2", depending on the model) provides peace of mind because the eyepiece is less likely to fall out of the focuser if the lock-screw loosens. 


  • Immersive ultra-wide-angle 82° Apparent Field Of View
  • Premium grade optical glass with high refractive index
  • Fully multicoated optical surfaces for maximum light transmission and contrast
  • Blackened lens edges and interior to increase contrast and reduce ghosting
  • Parfocal - little or no refocusing required when changing to another eyepiece from the same family
  • Foldable rubber eyecups and long eye-relief so suitable for eyeglass wearers

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Product Code02188040218806021880802188110218814021881802188240218830
Eye Relief13.6mm15.7mm15.6mm15.6mm15.6mm13mm17.5mm22mm
Field Stop Diameter6.9mm9.5mm12.4mm15.9mm18.9mm25.3mm33.5mm43mm
Barrel Size1.25 / 31.8mm1.25 / 31.8mm1.25 / 31.8mm1.25 / 31.8mm1.25 / 31.8mm2 / 50.8mm2 / 50.8mm2 / 50.8mm
Barrel Length30mm30mm30mm30mm33mm28mm34mm40mm
Lens Groups44444444
Height (From end of barrel)54.5mm58.5mm52.5mm57.3mm50mm54mm69mm85mm

Customer reviews

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Your future best friends
26 April 2018  | 

Together with my telescope I bought last year I also bought three eyepieces from this collection. I bought the 4,7mm, the 14mm and the 24mm eyepiece, and I soon found out that the 8,8mm would be a great addition. Sooner or later I am also planning on getting the 6,7mm. As you can probably tell I really like these eyepieces. They give a very wide field of view, which is very handy when you are observing planets at high magnification especially for me because I use a dobsonian telescope. This means fewer nudges per minute and more enjoyable sessions. The wide field of view also comes in handy when viewing deep sky objects. Object s such as the Pleiades through my 24mm is stunning! It fills most of the field of view, and the stars are almost a cold blue colour. My dobsonian is the skywatcher 250px which is f/4,7 and these eyepieces handle the optics very well, however some false colour and aberration is seen at the edge of the field of view. This really doesn't matter that much since you really won't be following an object all the way to the edge, trust me.
The only reason for me not to give these eyepieces 5 stars is because of the short eye relief. If you are using GLASSES then I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND these eyepieces since you will never get to enjoy the whole field of view.
If you are looking for some eyepieces that will last the rest of your life, then I would highly recommend these. As long as you take care of them then they will be your best friends.

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ES 82 degree 8.8 mm Eyepieces
26 January 2018  | 

Excellent quality views, with 9.25 SCT, and 120mm refractor.
They bring out the best in the optics, with comfortable eye relief, should have bought them sooner.

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8.8mm 82-degree ... amazing EP!
08 January 2016  | 

I do like Explore Scientific eyepieces. Ive been using two 68-degree eyepieces for over a year now (a 16mm and a 24mm), and I love both of them. I got the 8.8 (82-degree) for Xmas 2015 and was very keen to try it out.

The 8.8mm EP just oozes quality from the moment you take it out of the box. Weighing 280g, it feels good in the hand, and isnt so heavy it unbalances the scope.

My scope is a Skywatcher 250PX, which, at f4.7 is pretty fast, and the 68-degree EPs do suffer from a little distortion around the periphery of the FOV. You do have to look for it, though, and in normal use its not noticeable. With the 8.8mm, I saw no distortion at the edges!

The 82-degree FOV is amazing (tFOV is 0.60 in my scope)! On M42, the nebula fills the view (in the 250PX the EP gives x136 magnification), De Mairans nebula stood out brighter than Id ever seen it, and the E & F stars of the Trapezium cluster were clearly visible. This was the first time Id seen these smaller stars. I did a comparison with the 16 and 24mm EPs, and the 8.8 was streets ahead, in terms of contrast, clarity, visible structure, and the lack of distortion at the edge of the FOV.

Speaking of contrast, it was noticeable how much darker the background sky was in the 8.8, and how much clearer and sharper the stars stood out. On the Owl cluster, for example, the difference was amazing, with the colours of the stars coming through.

Observing galaxies was a revelation. I stared at M82 for ages, watching it drift slowly across the huge FOV without having to nudge the scope to keep up. Not having to move the scope, combined with the contrast and clarity, allowed me to absorb detail Id never seen before.

The only planet on view on the night was Jupiter, still too low for ideal viewing, and it actually looked much better with lesser magnification in the 16mm.

Lunar observing isn;t really my thing, but, I have to say, I cant wait to try the 8.8 on the moon. According to Stellarium, the moon should almost (but not quite) fill the FOV at x136 magnification. Thats got to be some sight!

All in all, this is a cracking EP. Great contrast, magnification and clarity, amazing FOV, with no discernible edge distortion. Incredible value for the price.


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