Hutech  ZWO/QHY Filter Box
 Hutech  ZWO/QHY Filter BoxHutech  ZWO/QHY Filter Box 

Hutech ZWO/QHY Filter Box

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About this product

Model:  idas_7519S_m42
Part Number:  7519SM42

The total light path of the filter box assembly is optimised for combination of ZWO/QHY (=17.5mm flange back) cameras, IDAS filters and BORG telescopes.

BORG telescopes users can simply set it between the BORG and ZWO/QHY.

  • Camera side : M42/P0.75 male or M54/P0.75 male
  • Telescope side : M57/P0.75 male
  • Filter box accommodates 48mm and 52mm filter
  • Allowed to add 2nd filter box
  • Re-configurable for other brand telescopes.

Note: ZWO/QHY camera manufacturer’s flange back specs are 17.5mm +/- 0.5mm.

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