TS M48 Filter Changer - strengthened Design
TS M48 Filter Changer - strengthened DesignTS M48 Filter Changer - strengthened DesignTS M48 Filter Changer - strengthened Design

TS M48 Filter Changer - strengthened Design

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Model:  ts_tsschub2
Part Number:  TSSCHUB2

TS-Optics Filter Changer with M48x0.75 Connection for Astrophotography and Observing

Change filters within a few seconds without removing or turning the camera. With only 100 grams weight and a diameter of 80 millimetres, this quick filter changer is more compact and lightweight than any filter wheel. The filter changer is an exciting alternative. Any filter combination is possible, even the combination of 1.25" and 2" filters. As a result, the TSFSLM48 filter changer has become one of the most versatile accessories on the market.

The advantages of the TSFSLM48 filter changer at a glance:

Due to a strengthened housing and longer M48 threads (male and female), the changer is suitable even for heavy cameras.
With only 100 grams and 85 mm diameter, the focuser is almost not burdened, so filter changing becomes possible even for smaller telescopes.
You can use any filters and filter combinations and even change between mounted 1.25" and 2" filters. Suitable drawers can be found in the accessory section.
Due to only 18 mm in length, the changer can easily be combined with most cameras and correctors.

Application areas of the TS-Optics filter changer:

Deep-sky astrophotography: L-RGB images, false colour images, contrast enhancement with nebula filters and monochrome or colour astro cameras and DSLR
Planetary observing and planetary images: quick change colour filters to enhance contrast effect. In photography, the images can be combined well.
Deep-sky observing: The impressions without filter, with UHC filter, O-III filter and other filters can be compared directly. Thus you can always get the maximum detail out of the object!

Which filter drawer is suitable?

TS offers drawers for 1.25" filters and 2" filters:

TSSCHUB1 ... drawer for 1.25" filters. The cell can be up to 7 mm high (the male thread of the cell is not considered).
TSSchub2 ... drawer for low-profile 2" filters. The cell can be up to 6.5 mm high (the male thread of the cell is not considered).


Filter exchange within seconds without having to remove camera or eyepiece - suitable for M48x0.75 2" filter thread connection - perfect for astrophotography - a lightweight alternative to a filter wheel

Strengthened version, even suitable for heavy cameras.

Optical path: 18 mm (without the male M48 thread).

Weight: only about 100 grams - the focuser is not burdened.

Images show the filter charger without the optional filter drawer.

The filter drawer is optional. We offer various options. 

Connection at telescope side: M48x0.75 thread (female) - 2" filter thread - length 4.4 mm.

Connection at camera side: M48x0.75 thread (male) - length 4 mm.

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