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Telrad Finder

Telrad Finder£38.00

The Telrad finder is the original and best selling reflex finderscope.

This simple, functional and accurate finder has a large easy to see screen with illuminated red circles. 

Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Sight

Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Sight£34.00

Similar to the Telrad Reflex Finder but a fraction of the size and weight.

Projects 1/2 and 2 degree red circles onto the night sky - what you see in the circles is what you get in your telescope.

Finder Mounting Shoe

Finder Mounting Shoe£7.00

Replacement finder mounting shoe. 

Suits all Synta type finders - Skywatcher, Celestron, Orion, etc.

Sky-Watcher 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope

Sky-Watcher 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope£59.00

Upright image with completely corrected left/right image orientation.

Provides an upright image with completely corrected left/right image orientation for more comfortable and convenient operation when compared to a traditional straight-through viewing finder.

Baader 30mm SkySurfer III

Baader 30mm SkySurfer III£29.00

This new updated Baader SkySurfer III features a modified rear section that enables it to also be used as a solar finder. 

Additional baseplate for Telrad Finder

Additional baseplate for Telrad Finder£8.00

This Telrad baseplate is identical to the one supplied with the Telrad Finder and can be mounted the same way.

Saves the expense of buying more than one finder if you own two or more telescopes. It also enables you to remove then remount the Telrad finder in a different position.

ZWO Mini Guide Scope

ZWO Mini Guide Scope£86.00

ZWO ultra-compact guide-scope with 30mm f4 objective lens and rotating helical focuser. 

Compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras. 

Telrad Riser Base

Telrad Riser Base£14.90

For those who prefer there Telrad Finder a little higher above the telescope tube.

Available in 2-inch and 4-inch versions.

Quick and easy to fit.

Baader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V

Baader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V£93.00

Baaders premium Red Dot finder is in a league of its own with all-metal sealed tube construction and large 40mm coated glass optics for a clear and uncoloured view of the Sky.

Baader DSLR Hot-Shoe Adapter for SkySurfer III

Baader DSLR Hot-Shoe Adapter for SkySurfer III£11.00

This simple DSLR hot-shoe adapter enables you to fit the Baader SkySurfer III red-dot-finder to your camera. 

Baader Universal Quick Release Finder Base

Baader Universal Quick Release Finder Base£25.00

The Baader Universal Quick Release finder base (finder-shoe) is compatible with most standard finder brackets and some red dot finders. The base can also be used as an additional base on telescopes that don't already have a finder shoe in a convenient position.

Celestron Starpointer Pro Finderscope

Celestron Starpointer Pro Finderscope£27.00

This new finderscope from Celestron allows you to precisely zero in on your target.

Features a dual-circle reticle, not a red dot that can obstruct your subject.

Large 40mm optical window offers a wider field of view making it easier to acquire objects.

Dew Shield for Telrad Finder

Dew Shield for Telrad FinderFrom:  £15.00

The Telrad Dew Shield prevents the formation of dew on the Telrad window.

Also available with integrated mirror for a comfortable 90-degree viewing position.

ZWO Finder-Guider Scope

ZWO Finder-Guider Scope£91.00

ZWO finder-guider scope with 60mm f4.67 objective lens and rotating helical focuser. 

Compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras. 

Celestron Illuminated RACI Finderscope

Celestron Illuminated RACI Finderscope£109.00

The Celestron 9x50 Right Angle Correct Image (RACI) Illuminated Finder is a great upgrade to the stock finderscopes found on most Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. 

Tele Vue Sol Searcher

Tele Vue Sol Searcher£29.00

Makes finding and centring Solar Telescopes on the Sun much quicker and easier.

ADM Takahashi Quick Release Finder Bracket

ADM Takahashi Quick Release Finder Bracket£47.00

ADM Takahashi Quick Release Finder Bracket.

Primaluce Lab 60mm Compact Guide / Finder Scope

Primaluce Lab 60mm Compact Guide / Finder Scope£167.00

Premium quality 60mm compact finder / guide scope from Primaluce Lab.

Rigel QuikFinder Battery Pack

Rigel QuikFinder Battery Pack£8.00

Power your Rigel Quickfinder using regular AA batteries with this battery power pack giving up to 2700 hours of operation from 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included). Almost ten times longer than the lithium coin cell that comes with the finder as standard!

Baader MQR-IV Finder Holder

Baader MQR-IV Finder Holder£73.00

This premium quality finder bracket will accept all the most popular finder-scopes with 60mm diameter, straight or angled.

Sky-Watcher 9x50 Finderscope

Sky-Watcher 9x50 Finderscope£49.00

The Sky-Watcher achromatic 9x50 finderscope has a large 50mm objective, wide 45° field of view and a cross-hair reticule for easy navigation.

Telrad Pulsar Reticle Module

Telrad Pulsar Reticle Module£17.00

The Telrad Pulsar add-on will automatically pulse the Telrad illumination on and off which can make it easier to observe faint objects in the background.

William Optics Finder Bracket

William Optics Finder Bracket£49.00

For use with William optics telescopes and focusers, this beautifully made quick-release 50mm finderscope bracket is easy to use, very convenient and great value.

Additional Rigel baseplates

Additional Rigel baseplates£5.60

Additional baseplate for Rigel QuikFinder. 

Select 'SMALL' for telescopes under 5" in diameter, 'LARGE' for larger apertures. 

AstroZap Telrad Heater

AstroZap Telrad Heater£33.00

AstroZap Dew Heater for Telrad Finders.

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