Astro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope
 Astro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting FinderscopeAstro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope 

Astro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope

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About this product

Model:  ae_9x50rae_finder

A good affordable Right-Angled erecting finderscope. 

Provides an upright image with completely corrected left/right image orientation.

Cricked neck? 

A right-angled erecting finderscope provides a more comfortable and convenient viewing position when compared to a traditional straight-through viewing finder. 

Fully multicoated optics and 50mm objective lens provide good light gathering, a wide 45° field of view and a cross-hair reticule for easy navigation.

The mounting bracket fits into standard finder shoes from Vixen, Sky-Watcher, Celestron, GSO, etc. Additional finder shoes are available separately.

To attach this to a Celestron SCT you will need a Baader Quick Release Finder Base.

To focus the finderscope simply unscrew the lock-ring, rotate the objective, then re-close the lock-ring.

  • 9x50 right-angle erect-image finder with achromatic lens and cross-hair reticule
  • Finder bracket with two thumbscrews and countering spring for easy operation
  • Aperture: 50mm
  • Magnification: 9x
  • Apparent field of view: 45°
  • True field of view: 5.6°


9x50 Finderscope RA erecting finderscope. 
Quick-release finder bracket compatible with various finder bases. 

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Astro Essential 9x50 Finderscope.
26 July 2023  | 

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Coincidently, apart from the paint job, it does seem remarkably similar to Sky Watchers 9x50 Finderscope.

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Great finder scop
23 June 2023  | 

Small but powerful Finder scope. Nice bright image. Definitely a step up from my old red dot finder. Found it much easier to line up faint targets and could even some of those i could not see with the naked eye. Image is crisp and clear, although the cross hairs are a little on the thick side. Does not come with any instructions. To focus you hold the front section (looks like a dew shield and slacken off the milled lock ring that is behind it. Turn the front collar until you find focus. Then tighten the lock ring to lock the focuser.

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Astro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope
10 May 2023  | 

Seems well made with good quality optics and is much more comfortable to use than a RDF for objects close to the zenith. Fits well in the finder shoe (Vixen) on my Celestron 127 Mak. Easy to achieve focus though it does require loosening the locking ring, unscrewing the objective lens and then re-locking - it would be preferable if the eyepiece had a focuser as switching between wearing spectacles or not and refocusing is inconvenient. It would also be preferable to be able to rotate the finder eyepiece to match the orientation of the telescope eyepiece/diagonal without having to realign the finder.

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Astro Essentials 9x50 right-angled, erecting finderscope
10 April 2023  | 

I wanted a good quality finderscope that I could move between telescopes. The 'straight-through' one on my refractor caused lower back and neck strain; a similar one on my Newtonian caused neck strain. Clamping this finderscope on has alleviated the aches significantly. Also, this is larger than either of my current finderscopes and so much more useful. The right-angled eyepiece orientation makes switching between the telescope eyepiece and finderscope eyepiece simple and comfortable. The optical quality is good and the product has a nice solid feel. Recommended piece of kit. Now the obvious response to this is get another finderscope to avoid the necessary re-adjustments between telescopes. Having given this one a reasonable field test . . I agree. I think I will!

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This one is big.
23 February 2023  | 

The red dot finder I had was ok but meant craning my neck or kneeling down to view targets.
This RACI Finder makes it far easier to locate targets via the cross hairs in the optic lens , though tbh the cross hairs are way to bold and thick.
The Finder is quite huge on a 130 dob and also very weighty , approx. 200mm/8" in length and 526g in weight. That said I can't complain about it in use and the view is pretty good , adjustment to match the scope view was easy and I had no issue aligning it to the scope view to set it up.

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Huge Difference
23 December 2022  | 

A great replacement for the stock Finder Scope, I use it on my MAK127, and what a difference, I like the fact the object is the right way around, and not having to get into stupid positions trying to use it on high altitude objects. Had no problem zeroing it in with the main scope, and focusing was not a problem. Would highly recommend this. Big shout out to FLO for speedy processing and delivery.

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O Ring
22 November 2022  | 

The O ring is a bit thin perhaps another half mm on the diameter.

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For 9x50 scope findet
11 November 2022  | 

Great product and service... Fits great on 130PDS....So much easier to use than stock
Finder...👍 👍

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Great value
11 October 2022  | 

Fast and efficient service from FLO, as always. Great value for money.

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Great finder scope
07 September 2022  | 

I already have the Sky watcher version of this on my main scope, which is great to use, so I thought I'd buy this for my backup scope as it currently has a 6x30 straight through finder which is difficult to use. Out of the box it essentially looks and feels just like the sky watcher finder. In use it was just as easy to set up and focus. The image is nice and bright and just the right amount of magnification to go star hopping. Being an upright image and correct left/right it's a breeze to use and with the right angled finder looking for objects close to the zenith is now much easy, no more stiff neck or dirty knees. If you want to save a few quid and don't mind not having a branded finder then go for this option.

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