Astro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope
 Astro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting FinderscopeAstro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope 

Astro Essentials 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope

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About this product

Model:  ae_9x50rae_finder

A good affordable Right-Angled erecting finderscope. 

Provides an upright image with completely corrected left/right image orientation.

Cricked neck? 

A right-angled erecting finderscope provides a more comfortable and convenient viewing position when compared to a traditional straight-through viewing finder. 

Fully multicoated optics and 50mm objective lens provide good light gathering, a wide 45° field of view and a cross-hair reticule for easy navigation.

The mounting bracket fits into standard finder shoes from Vixen, Sky-Watcher, Celestron, GSO, etc. Additional finder shoes are available separately.

To attach this to a Celestron SCT you will need a Baader Quick Release Finder Base.

To focus the finderscope simply unscrew the lock-ring, rotate the objective, then re-close the lock-ring.

  • 9x50 right-angle erect-image finder with achromatic lens and cross-hair reticule
  • Finder bracket with two thumbscrews and countering spring for easy operation
  • Aperture: 50mm
  • Magnification: 9x
  • Apparent field of view: 45°
  • True field of view: 5.6°


9x50 Finderscope RA erecting finderscope. 
Quick-release finder bracket compatible with various finder bases. 

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Great finder scope
Wednesday, 7 September 2022  | 

I already have the Sky watcher version of this on my main scope, which is great to use, so I thought I'd buy this for my backup scope as it currently has a 6x30 straight through finder which is difficult to use. Out of the box it essentially looks and feels just like the sky watcher finder. In use it was just as easy to set up and focus. The image is nice and bright and just the right amount of magnification to go star hopping. Being an upright image and correct left/right it's a breeze to use and with the right angled finder looking for objects close to the zenith is now much easy, no more stiff neck or dirty knees. If you want to save a few quid and don't mind not having a branded finder then go for this option.

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Decent optics, poor mount
Tuesday, 16 August 2022  | 

I bought this to use with my 6" Cassegrain. There is IMO very little adjustment with the two setting screws and I could not align it with my OTA.

The two 6mm screws are also quite soft.

The large O ring at the front of the finder which is supposed to anchor it so you can use the adjustment screws to set it is far to small in diameter

I have tried shimms to get adjustment but that has not worked....


There should be enough adjustment to align this to a scope so if you are having issues, it's worth checking your finder shoe itself is reasonably square to the telescope, sometimes these can be a little off and need loosening and adjusting slightly.

The screws are soft to protect the finder scope from damage and also because it should not require too much force for adjustment.

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Great Finder good Price
Wednesday, 22 June 2022  | 

This finder now helps me to find calibration stars at whatever altitude they may be. No need to lay on the ground looking up through a red dot finder or crick my neck doing the same. This finder is a game changer for me and now makes finding easy where it was becoming impossible. Highly recommended!

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Astro essentials RACI
Tuesday, 10 May 2022  | 

This is the first bad item I have bought from FLO. The finder is impossible to reach focus without first removing the locking ring. Looking at the previous reviews there are several people that have experienced the same problem. The mounting bracket is plastic and the adjustment screws (metal) will scratch the body of the finder. Definitely worth spending a few more pounds and buying the skywatcher model.


We are sorry to hear this feedback. The Astro Essentials RA finderscope is manufactured in same Chinese factory as Sky-Watcher's so is essentially identical. The bracket and mounting foot is metal, not plastic, and the metal screws have rounded tips so rarely cause a problem.
The AE RA finder does not have as much focus adjustment as the regular straight model you are used to but you should be able to achive focus and, once achieved, it will not require further adjustment.
Your purchase is covered by our 30-day return policy so you are welcome to return it for full refund.
Please email us to arrange this.

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Astro essentials finder scope
Wednesday, 29 December 2021  | 

This finder scope does not seem to focus as well as the skywatcher it was purchased to replace The focus ring is very minimal and falls off before getting a clear focus ,think I will send back AVIOD


It sounds like this is either faulty or being used incorrectly. Please get in touch and we will help and / or replace / refund as necessary.

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Poor finish but adequate for use
Tuesday, 26 October 2021  | 

Disappointed by the low quality finish, eg tube holder coated with plastic metallic effect paint, rusted screws and a few minor surface marks (the first one I received even had a hairline scratch on the front element! Flo promptly replaced though). The adjuster screws have no nylon caps so scratch the tube pretty easily - such is the durability of the paint work (perhaps lining with tape might help...). Although this is the lowest cost scope of its kind, the disregard for factory control is not an excuse - so get one used if possible as newly bought it will not likely be in what once used to be considered "new condition" (imported low cost mass production has lowered expectations..). Otherwise get the Skywatcher version if all of this is of importance and this one if purely for functionality. At least you can tinker with it without feeling too precious about spoiling further

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Astro essentials 9x50 right-angled finderscope on Sky Watcher 200mm/8" 1200mm dob.
Thursday, 23 September 2021  | 

I recently received a Sky Watcher 200mm/8" dob with the supplied straight through finder. After a few nightrs of amazement at what was visible my back began to seriously complain about using the straight through finderscope, especially for targets close to the zenith.
Searching the forums convinced me the way to go was a right-angled erecting finder (plus a Rigel Quickfinder to get into the right area of sky). This has made a huge difference to the comfort of finding targets - I can stay seated and easily switch view from finder to eyepiece and high targets are now possible to find without needing a follow up course of painkillers.
The image is sharp and bright and the focus is finely adjustable.
Star-hopping becomes a pleasure when sitting comfortably.
The finderscope is also quite light so doesn't change the balance of the scope by much.
Overall this has made a very welcome difference to the pleasure/pain ratio of using a dobsonian!

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Great finder that can easily work as GuideScope
Saturday, 11 September 2021  | 

I originally got this finder for visual use but the large 50mm lens appeared very appealing for use as a guider. Unfortunately none of the bits/threads would fit a 2.5 Accessory or any guide camera, so I had to make a customized holder to connect at the end of the 'guider'. Been using it for 2 months now as a guidescope with ZWO 240 mc and it works perfectly with my 127 MAK scope. 5 stars as both a visual scope and 4 stars as guidescope (just due to lack of any guide-camera threads).

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Monday, 30 August 2021  | 

This is a great finderscope the I have one comment to make and that is regards to the two adjusting screws.
The adjusting are made of aluminium and the body of the scope had feint scratches when received, I changed them to plastic they are much firmer than the screws supplied and they do not scratch the body

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Fitted straight on and it works
Saturday, 28 August 2021  | 

Another slow item from china

No instructions but do you really need any?
Fitted, aligned, not much else to say
Optics look good during the day, crosshair usefull

It cheap and works, would be 5 stars if i could fit a camera to it but that would mean buying something much more expensive, maybe the next upgrade!

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