Baader 30mm SkySurfer III

Baader 30mm SkySurfer III

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Model:  bskysurfer3


This new updated Baader SkySurfer III features a modified rear section that enables it to also be used as a solar finder. 

Other features include a 30mm optical window with anti-reflective lens coatings and an extra long lens housing that acts as an effective dew cover. 

Red Dot Finders are the 'easiest' finders to use. Simply align the red dot over the star/object/area and... Job done! 

Supplied with adapters to fit virtually any telescope, it can also be used with some binoculars and spotting scopes. 

Please follow safety precautions when observing the Sun!

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Friday, 13 May 2022  | 

I've been using red dot finders ever since I started using a telescope. I've always used the cheap generic ones. This is way beyond what I expected.
A great addition and certainly worth I.

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Baader 30mm SkySurfer III
Thursday, 12 May 2022  | 

Excellent service and delivery a always.

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A dream to navigate the skies
Friday, 6 May 2022  | 

Lovely item makes picking out things in the sky so much easier and much better than original red dot finder supplied with my scope. Excellent and fast service as always from flo would recommend to anyone.

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Good sized RDF
Monday, 2 May 2022  | 

Super quick delivery which sets FLO apart from others. The Finder is generally good construction the only negative I found was mounting this to my WO Zenithstar ii, as the only mounting plate the scope had that was similar to the handle on the WO was the one with the additional raised section for usual insertion into SW shoes, nothing that a little bit of alteration couldn't solve.

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Works well
Monday, 13 September 2021  | 

Nice big red dot finder which seems to work well. Fitted in addition to my optical one. Once they're all aligned these two finders and main scope work well together.

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Baader SkySurfer III Red Dot Finder
Monday, 21 June 2021  | 

Another great product from Baader. I was looking for a better RDF for my 4” refractors and after acquiring the Baader Hyperion range of eyepieces, decided to order its RDF finder. Great service and back-up from FLO as usual. The finder is quite substantial and is much improved over the standard smaller RDF’s that usually seem to be modified shooting finders and usually far too bright at the lowest light setting. There are several different bases included that will accommodate attaching the finder to most telescopes. The finder is made from a semi-matte finished ABS type material and the 30mm diameter provides an improved FOV. The LED adjustment ranges from quite bright (daytime use) to quite dim for nighttime use. One anomaly I noticed was that the LED dimmed quite a lot when viewed slightly above the centre line in the FOV. At first I thought that this might be a defect but upon use at night, I found this provided a whole new range of lower light levels which against a dark sky were very effective without affecting night vision. Fortunately, this RDF has very little parallax issues and moving one’s head slightly above and below the centre of the FOV to ‘find’ the lower light levels does not move the aiming position of the red dot against the night sky objects. I believe that this dimming aspect is partially due to the increased size to 30mm and it is possible to see a reduced LED light level slightly above an imaginary horizontal line. A call to FLO confirmed that another unit displayed a similar dimming. The exposed battery is a non issue and blackening the edge and + side of the battery and the clip made it basically disappear. Because this Baader RDF is dedicated to astronomy, the reflective coating on the front glass element is much thinner than that found on most RDF's and therefore, there is no darkening of the view or loss of faint stars etc when looking through this finder. All in al a great finder at a reasonable price.


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Baader Skysurfer III
Monday, 5 April 2021  | 

Was looking for this particular RDF as a replacement and found this site was the best price delivered. As this is a well reviewed site I went ahead and ordered.
Fast delivery and kept informed fully on my order and am very happy with the product and would highly recommend this site and would be more than happy to use again.

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Very nice finder
Monday, 1 March 2021  | 

I'm a complete novice to astronomy and I have to say that this finder feels like a good quality item
It's very easy to set up on my scope
And comes with lots of fittings for other scopes to
The dot us nice and small and you can dim it as well
I would recommend this item
I'm extremely happy with it

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Friday, 18 December 2020  | 

It came with lots of different adaptors so it can fit my mini scope and larger DOB as well. Red dot works well and is accurate and saves a lot of time. Well worth the money and also super quick shipping from FLO as always.

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Spot On
Wednesday, 11 November 2020  | 

Well constructed with a nice small spot so it doesn't mask the siting star.
Plenty of fittings so its versatile.
Some reviews don't like the fact that it doesn't have a battery cover but I think it's genius. No cover to have to find a coin to remove just slip the old one out and the new one in.... Simples.

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