Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Sight

Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Sight

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Model:  rigel_quikfinder

Easy to use reflex-type finder that is similar to the Telrad Reflex Finder but a fraction of the size and weight. 

  • A fraction of the size and weight of the competition's 'reflex' sight.
  • Compact design lets you use both eyes.
  • Aiming your telescope is easy with its wide-open right-side-up view.
  • Projects 1/2 and 2 degree red circles onto the night sky - what you see in the red circles is what you get in your telescope.
  • Pulsed or continuous illumination of the reticle is a standard feature on the QuikFinder.
  • Includes two baseplates, one for apertures around 5", the other for larger apertures. Easy clip on/off mounting to baseplate (no screws to fumble with).

Uses an ultra-efficient LED and runs off a CR2032 lithium battery (not supplied) for long life.

QuikFinder attaches without drilling and is easily removed from its baseplate for storage. Additional baseplates are available for using QuikFinder on more than one telescope.

Baseplate is 2.5 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1/2 inch high.

QuikFinder is 4.5 inches tall, 1.4 inches square and weighs only 80g.

Rigel QuikFinder v Telrad review

Requires CR2032 Lithium battery (not supplied). 

An optional AA battery-holder for up to 2700 hours of operation from 2x AA alkaline batteries is available. 

Testing your Rigel Quikfinder

Your Rigel QuikFinder is designed for use at night so the red LED reticule display is hard to see in daylight.

To test your Rigel Quikfinder, insert a fresh CR2032 battery then turn the left knob fully clockwise and the right knob fully anti-clockwise. You will now be able to see the reticule while in a dark room or under some blankets (it needs to be dark). 

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Excellent Product
Thursday, 30 May 2019  | 

Bought one of these for my SW150p.

Works a treat.

I did find the sticky pads didn't hold perfectly on their own, so i just added a blob of black silicon either end of the sight mount to just make sure it stays put.

FLO were excellent as usual.

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Sunday, 19 May 2019  | 

I got this as an upgrade to the RDF on my Astromaster 130EQ..

Absolutely brilliant, so easy to use, it was stuck on and setup up in around 5 mins..

If you want a brilliant finder for a really good price, I would recommend this all day long..

Flo are a great company with great prices and delivery is exceptionally fast..

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Small telrad
Tuesday, 23 April 2019  | 

I haven't used the new telrad yet but as replacement I was happy with the first one.

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Very Useful
Thursday, 13 December 2018  | 

I really didn't know if this would be as good as they said. However once I had worked out how to insert the battery (+ outwards) and used the sticky pad to stick it on the tube. It became clear how it worked! And it works well - I calibrated it using Mars as the distant object.

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Rigel Quikfinder
Thursday, 23 August 2018  | 

Much easier sighting than red-dot finder. Recommended.
Improvement would be to make easily removable for transportation as it is quite tall [otherwise would have been 5 stars].

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Very good
Saturday, 28 April 2018  | 

This is my perfect finder. Very functional. Keeps on working. It's been on 5 different OTA's now. Very light weight too. Love it

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Rigel QuickFinder Reflex Sight
Tuesday, 3 April 2018  | 

FLO service = 5*
Product just what I wanted for camera pointing and polar alignment of my tracking device. One small caveat: the brightest setting of the illuminated sighting rings is not enough for daylight adjustments but fine in half light. A useful enhancement would be an adapter to fit DSLR hotshoe - DIY resolved this.

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Works every time!!
Friday, 6 February 2015  | 

After receiving an Celestron Astromaster 130EQ MD for christmas it quickly became apparent that the supplied finder was not a accurate as it should be, cue the quest for an upgrade.
After reading many forum topics and posts on Stargazers Lounge and other astronomy sites it turns out that many other budding amature astronomers with the same scope were having the same issues as me, and were also looking to upgrade, of all the suggestions put forward i decided on a zero magnification finder and that narrowed it down to two personal options, this or a telrad.
After more research it would seem that having a telrad would cause balance issues due to the size so the Rigel was ordered, best decision ever made.
Ordered on Saturday, recieved on Tuesday, on scope Wednesday.
After a "rough alignment" during the day i waited for the night to arrive to put it through its paces.
As soon as Jupiter was in the sky i got to work, even with the "rough alignment" i was able to get the scope on target, it wasn't in the view of the scope but easily found due to its brightness, after getting it central i made the final adjustments to fine tune the finder and set about on a viewing frenzy.
1st port of call, Polaris for a quick polar alignment, got the star in the finder after a few scope adjustments, looked through the eyepiece and there it was, next was Pleides, spot on, back to Jupiter, same result, whatever i got in the center of the finder was in the scope.
So, for anyone looking for a finder upgrade with zero mag for a small scope, this is by far the best out there in my opinion.
And a final thanks to FLO for the fast devilery!
Clear skies and happy gazing!

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Rigel Quickfinder
Saturday, 17 January 2015  | 

Like Ian I was pessimistic of its plastic appearance, But was well impressed it once I had attached to my SW200 Dob and aligned it up. There was absolute nothing to worry about I wished I had one before. its a (must have) and its so simple to use I have used the two base plates supplied and fitted them in different positions so I alter the position at will. I was able to find Orion Nebula and The Crab nebula very quickly and also the Comet Lovejoy.
I would also like to praise FLO for quick delivery next day.

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Rigel Qiuckfinder lives up to its name.
Tuesday, 20 March 2012  | 

20th March 2012 - Ian
I acquired a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ which on the whole I am very pleased with, but have had what seems to be a common problem with the supplied red dot finder. Despite following the instructions to the letter, and other on line advice - i just could not get it to work adequately. Looking for a replacement - it came down to the ubiquitous Telrad or the Rigel. The Telrad would have been to big and heavy on 130EQ thus with advice from FLO, I ordered the Rigel.
After some initial misgivings about the cheapish looking plasticky construction and the fairly minimal instructions, I had my worriies swept away by the important end results. It works brilliantly! I removed the Celestron finder (2 small screws at iether side of the base) and proffered up the rigel base against the strait edge close to where the old finder had been. Attached the supplied sticky pads (extremely sticky) and carefully attached it to the scope. Attaching the Rigel to the base is a simple click away.
At dusk, through the eyepiece I lined up on a street lamp across the valley from where I live, and then looking though the rigel finder, using the three adjusters got the light in the middle of the two concentric rings.
Within minutes I was lined up on Venus and Jupiter first time out. It works first time every time. The joy of not wasting time simply looking for objects rather than at objects is wonderful! The adjustability of the brightness of the Rigels red concentric rings (1/2 and 2 degrees) and the ability to flash them is also really useful in lining up on less bright objects.
The Rigels outwardly simple appearance and construction (which is actually quite sturdy) belies its abilities. I have not used aTelrad but I have read enough to know they are highly rated, and they are not so far removed, price wise, from the Rigel, but if the undoubted bulk of the Telrad could be a problem (ie on smaller scopes like mine, or scopes that have problems with finderscope attchment) look no further. The Rigel lives up its name - Quickfinder!

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