Telrad Pulsar Reticle Module

Telrad Pulsar Reticle Module

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Model:  telrad_pulsar
Part Number:  telrad_pulsar

The Telrad Pulsar add-on will automatically pulse the Telrad illumination on and off which can make it easier to observe faint objects in the background.

The frequency of the blinking can be controlled via a dial.

This add-on can quickly and easily be installed but it does require some simple DIY skills. The only tools required are two drill bits: 5/16" / 8mm and 5/64" / 2mm.


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Easy to Fit, works well.
02 March 2022  | 

Had normal fast delivery from FLO. Measurements in instructions are in imperial but when converted are easy to use. The wire nut connectors work well and no soldering is required. No problems with fitting components in the case you just have to push the pc board in upside down and then turn it in the drilled hole to make it fit (as per the instructions). Really good outcome and all working correctly, recommended upgrade.

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Telrad Pulsar Reticle Module
24 March 2021  | 

I got this at the same time I got a Telrad Finder from FLO. The Telrad Pulsar Reticle Module was not very easy to fit. The size of the module is greater than the inside width of the Telrad Finder battery box thus making it impossible to fit as the instructions say. This is NOT the fault of FLO and they were very helpful when I commented on the problem. I was able to get round the problem but the finished fit is not as good as I hoped it would be.

Again I must emphasise this is NOT the fault of FLO as the module comes in a sealed package from the original supplier.

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Fitting the aftermarket pulser
24 October 2020  | 

Knowing the advantages of the pulser in a Rigel Quikfinder, I decided to get the Telrad aftermarket pulser. In fact, I bought three of these in total. Starting at the finish, it absolutely works fine having now fitted my first one, so to use that well worn phrase, "It does what it says on the tin".

As to the actual fitting, the quoted drill sizes of 9/32" and 3/32" the insular Americans bless 'em have still to discover there is a metric world out there as well these translate according to Google to 7.14375 and 2.3815mm respectively. I used a 2.5mm drill bit for the smaller hole and as a pilot hole for the larger hole, finishing with an 8mm bit on that. Fitting the potentiometer into the hole was simple enough, but unfortunately, despite ensuring no burrs remained on either side of the drilled hole, I could not attach the securing nut with the washer in place. There simply is not enough potentiometer thread left protruding to bite, hence the 4 stars. It isn't a showstooper though, more of a minor annoyance. I abandoned the washer and used the nut alone to secure the potentiometer, followed by the operating knob. once the wires are connected, it is a bit fiddly getting everything back in neatly, but not overly so.

I fully expect the second Telrad to follow the same path ending in success. However, the thinking cap will be on for the third one. The reason for this is my third Telrad is the Red/Green version, and the colour change control for that is in the location for the pulser mod. That's for another day!

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Adds greatly to the Telrad's functionality.
04 May 2020  | 

I toyed with the idea of making my own flasher unit after reading the various DIY links on the Internet.
This is a much simpler and neater solution though, and costs almost the same.
Unlike some, it doesn't add another set of AA batteries, the mod still uses just one replacment battery holder, and it fits in there very neatly. You have to be accurate when drilling the hole and fitting the potentiometer right up against the back end to be able to fit the battery in, (which I did do), and then it does go back together very neatly.
The functionality is greatly improved. Coupled with the Telrad's basic ability to set the brightness of the rings, this added ability to flash at adjustable intervals makes it so much easier to centre on a dim "fuzzy" without losing night vision.
Delivered in 24 hours by FLO, excellent service again.


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