TS Led Flat Field Panels
 TS Led Flat Field PanelsTS Led Flat Field Panels 

TS Led Flat Field Panels

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About this product

Model:  ts_tsff_160
Part Number:  TSFF160

TS USB flat field box with neutral white LED light, dimmable:

With a flat field image, you can compensate for uneven illumination of the optics (vignetting), but also for shadows on the sensor caused by dust grains. The recording becomes smoother and this allows you to significantly enhance the subject and keep the sky background smooth. The result is simply better astro photos with any telescope or camera lens.

The advantage of LED technology:

  • LED flat field generators deliver a colour-neutral image, the individual colour channels are evenly strong. This means that the TS-Optics premium flat field generators are not only suitable for monochrome cameras, but also for colour cameras. 
  • The illumination of the TS-Optics LED flat field box is very even, even with weak light intensity, the flat field generator does not cause any image artifacts in the processing.
  • Due to the brightness control, longer but also very short exposure times can be realised. This makes the flat field generator suitable for all cameras, including those with a mechanical shutter, such as a DSLR. 
  • With a mechanical shutter, we recommend an exposure time of at least 2 seconds.
  • The LEDs do not flicker, which means that very short exposure times with reproducible results are also possible.
Stand-alone operation or complete control via computer

The TS Premium Flatfield box works independently of the computer. Only a 12V power supply is required. 

Alternatively, you can also control the generator remotely via computer. This makes operation easier, enables REMOTE use and produces reproducible results. A suitable driver for Windows is included.

The computer connection allows you to control your astro photographs, including the FLATS, using suitable software such as APT.

The TS USB Flat Field Box is available in the following sizes

  • 160mm - Adjustable for attachment diameters of 179 - 222 mm
  • 210mm - Adjustable for attachment diameters of 229 - 272 mm
  • 260mm - Adjustable for attachment diameters of 279 - 322 mm
  • 320mm - Adjustable for attachment diameters of 339 - 382 mm


  • The generator can be attached to the telescope at almost any angle, you don't need to swivel the telescope to the zenith for flats
  • Thanks to the LED Technology creates a colour-neutral and pure white image for very good flats, even with colour cameras
  • With built-in dimmer for flexible brightness control - therefore also suitable for cameras with a mechanical shutter
  • Stand-alone system or complete control via the PC with USB connection - USB cable is included Scope of delivery included
  • Also ideal for remote use
  • 12 V power connection - matching power pack and cable are available
  • High-quality workmanship and robust outer surfaces guarantee longevity

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TS Led Light Panel 320
01 August 2022  | 

Well made product. Works as described. Makes taking flats so much easier. Evenly lit so you donít really need the white T shirt.

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Very Handy for in the field
06 June 2022  | 

Purchased this so i could do light frames in real time, as was using an a A3 light box which weighs a ton and had to wait til scope off mount and vertical in order to use it. ( A3 to fit my scope). This fits very snuggly and doesn't over stress mount. Does need a good 12V power supply as when i first tried it with one of my many 12V adaptors was only working intermittently, but a change to a different supply solved that problem. Now operates with no problem. Field of illumonation very even and consistent, looks good throught the focusser and on computer.


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