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Sky-Watcher Auto Focuser

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About this product

Model:  swautofocuser
Part Number:  20929

Hands-free DC focusing for precise focusing with the minimum of vibration. 

Dual speed push-button operation (fast & slow). 

Can be used with the following telescopes: Evostar models 90/102/120/150, Startravel models 80/102/120/150, Classic / Skyliner models 150/200/250/300 & Explorer models 150/200/250/300. 

Requires a 9v battery for operation, not supplied. 

NOTE: Please check your telescope's focuser knob is removable (Sky-Watcher sometimes glue them on). If not then this product will not be suitable. 

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Fits nicely with the SkyWatcher 90mm f10 refractor
27 October 2022  | 

A SkyWatcher 90mm f10 refractor fell into my hands (on the used market) and it turned out to be not a bad telescope, with the exception of the focuser. I've been used to focusers with a 10x reduction and this kind of telescope doesn't have that. Also, with such a long focal length, any movement during focusing is quite annoying. Attaching this electronic focuser makes the telescope much easier to handle, even without adding any computer interface. This product is not very expensive but really improves the telescope performance a lot. The rack and pinion focuser itself is quite ok, and this electronic focuser allows for some quite good control.

It's a quite simple device, which I think is a strength. The instructions are clear enough and it fit perfectly on the SkyWatcher telescope.

I actually decided to not use a 9V battery but instead connected a 9V AC/DC converter (a left over power supply from an old computer modem). This works fine; the 9V batteries aren't so cheap and when I used an old battery, the focuser didn't work so well, I assume because it couldn't give enough current. My guess is that with the 9V power supply, the movement will be more consistent.

I have a ZWO EAF on a more expensive telescope (which has a Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser). The ZWO EAF is a lovely device but was a bit over the top for the SkyWatcher 90mm telescope.

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Skywatcher auto focuser
13 July 2022  | 

I bought this to fit on one of my scopes to ascertain whether it worked good enough to merit fitting on my other two scopes. The fitting is straightforward enough, with any little hurdles met, easily fettled. Decent range of speed available, which is selected by turning a little potentiometer on the control pad. Safe to say Iíll be making provision to buy another two.

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Bought 2, nice upgrade for 300PDS and Quattro 10S
31 March 2022  | 

I appreciate that these days the move is to EAFs with stepper motors but I have had no problems with this focus motor, since I already have the HitecAstro DC focus controller for me it's just a question of having a motor on the focus bar. The supplied kit is near perfect on the 300PDS but on the Quattro the base plate does not fit all 4 holes on the focuser and obscures one of the tensioning screws, not that they need adjusting also the supplied M4 screws are way too short for the chunky focuser body on the Quattro you need to find some about 25mm long to fit the plate to mount the motor. It works brilliantly on the 300PDS for imaging, I can focus via the PC and make fine adjustments to nail focus. On the Quattro I haven't tried it FLO's special offer of "Buy Astro stuff and get 2 days of cloud free" continues.

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It works.
14 December 2021  | 

I've had this just long enough to make a custom bracket to fit it to my 8" Classic Cassegrain and to use it for one session. It does the job. I can now focus for planet and lunar crater shots without waiting 5 seconds for the telescope to stop wobbling afterwards. I dropped a star because the build quality is, how shall I put it, unimpressive!

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Skywatcher Auto Focuser.
04 August 2021  | 

I bought this to use with my new Skymax 150 and after making up a custom mount and fittings I have it working nicely.
Nice focuser for the Mak, good micro focus.

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Not quite compatible with a duel speed focuser
09 June 2021  | 

Got this to help focusing my skywatcher 200pds during astrophotography. Really easy to fit and works like a charm. However the 200pds is fitted with a duel speed focuser with the twin knob side the only removable ones. This means the motor bracket doesn't quite fit so can only be fitted on the last 2 screw holes, and only can be attached to the low speed. Not ideal but at least I can focus so slowly now I can get pin point accuracy.

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Highly recommended
20 January 2021  | 

I bought this as I was having trouble focussing my Skywatcher 150P with my Nikon D5300 attached. The autofocuser offers very fine control with no vibration, and within minutes I had nice sharp, round stars in my viewfinder. Very easy to set up and install too. It's a game changer really.

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Great focuser kit
14 January 2021  | 

Got this for my Williams Optics Megrez 72, which with a couple of threaded screw holes tapped into the base of the scope allowed the focus motor to sit nicely onto the telescope using the flexible coupler supplied

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Affordable motor with speed adjustment
14 January 2021  | 

As a user of the SW Skymax 127 Mak I wanted to add an electric focus to improve my planetary imaging. SW don't provide a plug and play solution for this, and other vendors solutions are expensive. So I ordered this motor from FLO knowing I would have to buy some belts and gear wheels and make up a DIY attachment to fit the motor to the 127. FLO delivered the motor this week and I've put it all together and look forward to trying it out. The motor uses a PP3 9V battery and offers a useful speed adjustment. Operation is quiet. A good value product, just make sure you research attachment options if you want to use it on anything except a refractor.

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Flimsy. Battery hard to fit.
16 September 2020  | 

I installed this on my Skywatcher Explorer 200. I fitted a camera and the motor was no longer able to move the focuser. 9 volts is not sufficient power to move it. I've dismantled and refurbished the focuser and refurbished the motor and gearbox but to no avail. It just doesn't seem to have the power required. I've not contacted FLO, as its been a weird time in history! I know they are very good though...!


It sounds like the motor is faulty, this is not normal - please get in touch.

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